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List of Donations for Stone Sculptures of Tanzi Tianmu Palace

​Supreme Void Earth Mother's Xuanhua Health and Life-saving True Scriptures Originated from Baohu Palace, Baohu Palace, Puli Town bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Because the main deity of the Dimu Temple of Taichung Tianmu Palace is the same as that of the Tianditang Dimu Temple of Baohu Palace. The original text of the scripture is reproduced with the consent of the chairman of Tianditang and the general affairs.

Shangxiang Zan. God Mantra



Incense knot treasure seal. Mother Earth Fragrance. Knot propaganda and propaganda of thirty-six five-eightine bogey completely.
Prosperity and longevity. Every Wu Ji is the harvest year of five grains. National Security.
Namoji, the Mother Bodhisattva Mahasattva. (three names)

The three karma mantras


Inside the body. Thirty-six thousand gods. Action fulfillment possession. Forerunners and futures.
May I be at ease. Permanent residence in the Three Treasures. when robbery. I am eternally immortal.
When reciting this scripture. Body and mind are pure.

Hastily as a law.

Pure Altar Mantra


When speaking too much. The golden bell rings a jade sound. Hundreds of fouls hide in nine places. The demons protect Qianlin.
Smallpox scattered rain. Dharma drum vibration fascinated. magic. The gods are very good. The golden boy dances the yaoqin.
May the eight rays of light be poured. Follow the heart of surrender. Flea law manuscript. Wings serve five clouds deep.

Hastily as a law.

Pure Mind Mantra


Too star. Strain without stopping. Drive away evil spirits. Protect your life.

Wisdom is pure. Peace of mind. Three souls forever. No soul lost.

Hastily as a law.

clean mouth mantra


Danzhu mouth god. Spit out the filth. Tongue God Zhenglun. Mental health.
Luo Qiantooth God. But evil Weizhen. Throat God Tiger Ben. Qi God attracts Jin.
Soul Dan Yuan. Let me be truthful. Soul Chain Liquid. Dao Qi lasts forever.

Hastily as a law.

purification mantra


Lingbao Tianzun. Comfort your body. Disciple's soul. The five internal organs are mysterious.
Blue Dragon and White Tiger. The teams are divided. Suzaku Xuanwu. Bodyguard figure.
Hastily as a law.

Clean the Heaven and Earth


Heaven and earth are natural. Dirty atmosphere. Mysterious in the cave. Akira Ron Taiyuan.
God of power from all directions. make me natural. Lingbao Talisman. Announcement for nine days.
What dry rota. Donggang Taiyuan. Slaying demons and tying evil. Thousands of people.
Zhongshan God Mantra. Yuan Shi Yuwen. Recite it once. But the disease prolongs. According to the five mountains.
Eight seas knowledge. The Demon King heads. Guard my Xuan. The filth dissipates. Dao Qi lasts forever.

Hastily as a law.

An earth spell


Yuan Shi An Town. Preach to all souls. The real official of Yue Du. The land is only god.
Left Society and Right Ji. Don't be delusional. Back on track. Clarification inside and out.
All directions. Guard the altar. Too much life. Hunt down evil spirits.
Dharma Protector God King. Defend the chanting. Convert to the road. Yuan Henry Zhen.
Hastily as a law

Blessing God Mantra


Tao is learned from the heart. Heart fake incense. Incense burner jade stove. Heart before the emperor.
Really looking forward to it. Immortal Linxuan. This minister closes the report. Patrol for nine days.

Golden Light Mantra


Heaven and Earth Xuanzong. Wan Qi is fundamental. Extensive repairs. Prove my magic.
Inside and outside the three realms. The only way. Body has golden light. Reflect my body.
Out of sight. Inaudible. All inclusive. Nurturing the crowd.
Hold a thousand times. There is light. Guards of the Three Realms. The Five Emperors welcome.
Tribute to the gods. Use Thunder. The ghosts are terrified. Ghostly death.
There are thunderbolts inside. Thor is anonymous. Donghui communicates thoroughly. Vibrant.
Golden light is fast. Cover real people. Hastily as a law.

Kaijing Zan


Merit is everywhere. Mother's grace is innate. The golden plate of jade dew sprinkles the treasure field.
The ancient fairy. Filial piety lasts forever.



Incense knot treasure seal. Mother Earth Fragrance. Knot propaganda and propaganda of thirty-six five-eightine bogey completely.
Prosperity and longevity. Every Wuji is a harvest year of grains. National Security.

Respectfully invite the mother treasure

The Mother Earth's Treasure Confession Ceremony


Mother Earth Metamorphosis. All day silence. The river is quiet. Mountains swallow clouds.
Wanling pulls. Gather the group. No clutter. There are no demons.
Minghui Dongqing. Dao Xuanxuan. Mother of the Void. Infinite mercy.

Advise the world to recite the Mother Sutra


The earth can produce all things. Like a mother raising herd. Compassionate virtue is generous. Unbelievably vast.
After the initial chaos. Wa emperor system human relations. Heaven and earth are in harmony with their virtues. The two instruments were created wonderfully.
Goddess from here on out. Spread a scripture. This sutra is the most sensible. Rarely heard in the world.
Met by fate. A word is worth a thousand dollars. The next three are suffering. Reported quadruple grace.
Devoted to one volume. Filial piety to parents. Try the world. Countless people.
Immortals and saints. Princes and commoners. Kyushu land masses. who are not born to their parents.
Miscarriage of pregnancy in October. Breastfeeding for three years. Lan Guimao under the knee. Gaotang white hair is new.
A life of hardship. Nothing but children. Think about the pain of your parents. Pay respect and filial piety.
The crow knows to feed back. Sheep have kneeling breasts. People are not filial to their parents. Why super beasts and birds.
I wish the world. All filial parents. Whether male or female. No distinction between vulgar and monk.
Be filial to your parents. All should follow this scripture. Mother Earth has great powers. Compassionate and willing.
Wisdom to see the earth. A sea of hardships. If there are filial relatives. Mother Earth knows.
Some people follow this scripture. Family security. Gaotang increases longevity. Death is super high.
Able to avoid swordsmanship. Can avoid water and fire plague. prosperous future generations. Wealth comes from abundance.
Or recite thousands of volumes. Printing is popular. In Sheng Qianxiang Collection. Death from the gates of hell.
If there are slanders. The consequences are not light. Advise the righteous gentleman. Recite this mantra.
Blessed is immeasurable. Believe in nature.
The Mother of the Supreme Void, the Infinite Compassionate Venerable

Respect to the Mother Earth. The Wonderful Sutra

Mother Earth Sutra


Pangu's first point is my honor. Yin and yang are combined to marry. All things depend on wind and rain. Before opening the hall, read the Earth Mother Sutra.
Shang Feng Gao Zhen is very happy. Under the protection of the eternal peace of the people. The earth is the earth and the sky is the sky. Yin and Yang are closely linked.
Unify the heavens and the earth and unify the three lights. Cover the sky and the earth to cover the universe. Kan Li Zhen Dui when the four pillars. Qiankun Gen Xun is heaven.
The mother of the earth is Wuji soil. Nurturing nature and nurture. Tianjun was originally a mysterious boy. He's deaf and I'm dumb.
God and Qi reconcile heaven and earth. Qi and God and production of sages. True qi is qi for mother and mother. The true God is the Son is God.
Yin and Yang meet the true creation. Good fortune real estate wise man. Although no one speaks. Three-nine-two-eight o'clock.
The child and the mother are not separated from the pregnancy. Pregnant for ten years. In October, the hexagram of the foot of the fetus is fixed. When the womb is full, the six sages are born.
The emperor, the emperor, the emperor. Fuxi Xuanyuan and Shennong. Fuxi can transform heaven and earth. Yin-yang and two qi gossip points.
Emperor Shennong governed the five grains. Emperor Xuanyuan ruled the front of his clothes. Food and clothing from now on. Leaving the future generations to do the same.
The Buddhas of the three times came out of me. The Bodhisattva is not separated from his mother. The gods stay with me. Where do I go to rest.
East, West, North, South and Four Continents. I caused spring, summer, autumn and winter. Rivers, lakes and seas never leave me. I grew up in all countries and Kyushu.
The emperors of all dynasties never leave me. I have cultivated the big and small emperors. The Five Sacred Mountains in the world. I create mountains and trees.
The common people will not leave me. Five grains and six meters I grow into. Seventy-two will not leave me. I have grown all the plants and trees.
People live to eat and use me. Still in my arms after death. The prefectures, states and counties are not far away from me. An Guan Temple I have a body.
Great and small gods are my sculptures. I have succeeded in the golden body of the Buddhas. Gold is the treasure of the four squares. Think how many people in the world will be bad.
Treasures of gold and silver come from me. It doesn't seem to be apart from me. The princes of all countries respect me. I have been honored by the emperors of all generations.
The king fought for me. The one who respects my mother. Aya satin from me. I grow flowers, vegetables and fruits.
The ups and downs come from me. I have grown the four seasons seedlings. Onion garlic leek from me. Ginger Candy Gu Yue I grew up.
Men and women all over the world are sick. The mother earth is made of all medicines. There is no taste in the mouths of men and women. Oil, salt, sauce and vinegar I caused.
Everything is made by me. Everything is caused by me. Mother Earth was exhausted. Mother Earth spent a lot of time.
The old lady is more son than daughter. Children forget my kindness. Eat, drink, wear and bring your mother good fortune. Creation happens and I grow up.
Sell the silver for your use. The one reminded me. All things in the world are inseparable from me. All things are still born.
Originally the soil produced a thing. Countless hidden Six Paths. The world only knows that God is great. Mother Earth dares to be big.
A little nectar in the sky. Underground field seedlings grow from five grains. Although it is raining well. Or earth mother bone essence.
Dragon hides thousands of miles away from me. Fengyun is still the mother of the earth. The mother does not rise up with the dragon. See where the dragon is raining.
The dragon has nowhere to hide. Hulei and lightning disappeared. It's all about me. How can the world know my pain.
Toil and hard work. Dress well and eat well with your children. Mother Earth does not close her eyes day and night. Close-eyed people are calamities.
Mother Earth took a nap for a while. The squid turned over and swept away. Neither day nor place. The world has become empty.
All the buddhas fled beyond the horizon. The bodhisattva escapes forever. The king and the people are all gone. The gods of heaven and earth are on fire.
No east, no west, no north and south. Everything is like dust. See the mother's meaning of writing. Mother Earth shines brightly on this body.
Mother Earth has written Ganoderma lucidum. Earth Mother True Qi is formed into the moon. The spirit of life preservation. The spirit is in harmony with me.
Immortals, Buddhists, saints and saints forget their mother's meaning. Exaggerated selling will become a talent. Sovereign officials, civil and military officials, forget their mother's will. Forget the great kindness of Mother Earth.
Scholars, peasants and businessmen forget their mother's will. Will be merciless in return. Regardless of the right and wrong. Falling for a thousand calamities does not turn over.
To know the mother's first name and last name. Hongmeng has not been sentenced to old chaos. Twenty thousand years of life. Nine thousand six hundred quarters of an hour.
Born with a lot of hardships. Unexpectedly, Mother Earth flashed empty. No baby girl. Sitting on the Yangtze River, I mourned.
To see mother and son again. Unless the child is ugly another day. The One Hundred and Eighty-Two. The words are the truth.
Everyone respects the Mother Earth. Harvest of five grains is happy and peaceful. There is no catastrophe or catastrophe. Good men and women can enjoy health.
If you don't listen to the mother tongue. Five grains cannot be eaten if they are not received. If you still do not believe the mother tongue. A catastrophe cannot survive.
Mother Earth was born on October 18th. Every family recites the Earth Mother Sutra. The incense lamp offering fruit is neatly arranged. Do the chanting application form.
Some people passed on the mother's scriptures. Generations of descendants by the emperor's grace. Madam passed on my mother scriptures. Children from generation to generation are full of joy.
Everyone passed on my Mother Sutra. Five men and two women cigarette students. Men and women should avoid Wu and respect the mother. Prosperity, wealth and prosperity.
Standing altars everywhere to prevent Wu bogey. Mother Earth saves lives. Fang Fang Li altar put Wu Ji. Mother Earth is transformed into a virtuous spirit.
Shane repays the Void Mother. Even repair temples and burn incense. Sculpting and painting the mother's portrait. It is the heart of a filial son and daughter.
Quickly and sincerely drive away. Don't take money to heart. Void Earth Mother hangs the order. Transcended from the ordinary and ascended to heaven.
Great loyalty, great filial piety, great results. Great kindness and great benevolence live forever. Mother Earth seals the lotus to increase. Our country has become a great Luojing.
Men and women are made into a big Luo body. The Palace of Bliss is the eternal name.
The Supreme Void Earth Mother, Mysterious Transformation, Health Preservation, Kindness, Great Compassion.

The Wonderful Sutra of Earth Mother


The mother of the void rules people. At the beginning of chaos, the mother was respected. Born and born is my root. One monk and one layman.
The Mother Earth passed down the Mother Earth Sutra. Men and women are printed to send peace. Peace and tranquility in the world. Recite the Mother Earth Sutra everywhere.
The Earth Mother passed on the Earth Mother Sutra. No one worships God. The legend of the mother earth starts here. Chanting the scriptures can be done.
If everyone disrespects the mother. Sitting at the gates of hell forever after death. If life is disrespectful to the mother. Create a deep sea of sin.
Food and clothing come out of me. Who knows how hard it is for Mother Earth. That child is filial piety. To persuade people for the mother.
Three disasters and eight disasters are in sight. The people of the world are suffering. A mother works hard for her children. Children don't care about their mother.
Everything in the world is exhausting. Everything is cured by the mother. All seventy-two gods have a meeting. Only my mother will fail.
There are temples all over the world. The gods will be in turmoil. There is no old lady's temple. The old lady was left empty.
There is no life without rain. The turbulent years are not peaceful. Nine-year-old children recite this sutra. Father and brother separated and reborn.
Everyone should preach this scripture. Pass it on to the young and old all over the world. If you recite the Old Mother Sutra. In the future, healthy and healthy descendants will be Xian.
Four o'clock and eight festivals are more profitable. Heaven and earth have many harvests. Both male and female size should be remembered. Sincerely recite the Mother Sutra.
Hurry up and speak up. A harvest year is ahead. Yellow wax candles are often offered. The three pentas every month should be devout.
All dates are unrestricted. Thirty-six five should be avoided. Six lamps and five incense sticks. Yellow money, white paper, and clear water.
Men and women stand on the altar of Wu Ji. Li altar avoids Wu to speak clearly. Remember to recite it seven times. Naturally peaceful everywhere.
Always meditate every day. To prevent the family from getting sick. Grain wheat is not yellow and the wind is blowing. Starvation and old age together.
The five grains are collected in the sky. Leave sentient beings transformed. Someone recites my Mother Sutra. Bless one side well.
Someone passed on my mother scriptures. The gods are at peace. Heavenly officials bless the whole family. Blue Dragon and White Tiger should take over.
Born at noon on October 18th. Chen Xu ugly is not easy to change. The World Congress of Men and Women. Mother Earth Christmas is square.
Fang Fang can recite the Earth Mother Sutra. Why worry that the five grains will not be harvested. Every family can recite the Earth Mother Sutra. Everyone ascends to heaven to receive incense lamps.
The Mother Earth's Treasure Scripture is not one. Just for the fans of the world. One roll can wipe out thousands of kalpas. Recite the ten thousand scrolls of the Buddhas.
Literally bright. Correct sins and injustices every sentence. Destroying disasters and blessings and longevity. Scroll to the mother to keep peace.
If you do not read the Earth Mother Sutra. The family is robbery. The people did not listen to the advice of the mother earth. The water and fire catastrophe is coming again.
The old lady wants to avoid the big robbery. Men and women do not go well with the mother's heart. The old lady will be doomed. I can't bear to die for my mother.
There is no way to think about the mother. The gods of good and evil are inferior. The good are being led by the good. The wicked belong to the wicked crowd.
Mother Earth will be wiped out. Implicated good people are shocked. Mother Earth wants to show the law of good and evil. The sky is full of joy and truth.
Twenty-eight places where the bucket handle turns. Sixty sixty sixty sixty sixty years of peace. The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches often support. The nine heavens and the stars are all in the same spirit.
Bafang Thor is divided into six or four. God of change in the world on June 4th. Ding Jiageng Xin formed a formation. Heaven and Earth Network Demons.
The Eight Great Vajras come to protect the Dharma. The four heavenly kings guard the four gates. The Eight Great Vajras come to protect the Dharma. Shaking the stars.
Mother Earth has collected all methods. Hulei and lightning disappeared. The Mother Earth has collected all dharmas. Real people appear everywhere.
The Mother Earth's Mysterious Art of Revealing. East, west, north and south of the lotus heart. Men and women are all golden. Daluo Tianxian will never be born.
Both merits and achievements attended the meeting. The Peach Conference was honored. Never cast the east to the mortal. Can shape the mother earth to live longevity.
Supreme Void Earth Mother Xuan Hua, Self-Cultivation, Life-saving, Compassionate Venerable Great Compassionate Venerable (Twenty-four Knocks)

May this merit. pervasive in everything. Reverent mother. Always enjoy the blessing.

Supreme Void Mother's Non-Words of Self-cultivation and Life-saving Sutra Ends

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