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  Supreme Jade Emperor of Heaven 

Birthday:  The ninth day of the first lunar month


"Jade Emperor" is the supreme among gods, or "Jade Emperor", "Jade Emperor God", "Haotian God", "Tianzu Gong", "Tiandi", "Jade Emperor", commonly known as "God" and "Jade Emperor". Tiangong" and so on. The "Jade Emperor" lived in the heavenly Jade Capital, hence the name "Jade Emperor". Not only did he instruct the emperor of the human world to govern the people, but also rule the gods of heaven and earth, and all religions, immortals and Buddhas were ordered by him.

The Jade Emperor, referred to as Jade Emperor, is commonly known as Tiangong. All the gods in the universe are under his control. Before there was heaven and earth, he first had him. He created the heaven and earth and everything, and he himself lived in the heaven forever, but he appointed the gods to the world to observe the good and evil in the world. Therefore, , He can be said to be a unified god, with a supreme godhead, and most people believe in him as the supreme god.

According to Taiwanese folklore, the "Jade Emperor God" not only gave orders to heaven and governs the world, but also governs the Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and other gods, as well as the gods of nature and personality-the so-called gods of heaven, earth, and gods. Humans and ghosts are under its jurisdiction. The gods are the deifications of all the natural objects in the sky, including the sun, moon, stars, Fengbo, Yushi, Siming, the three official emperors, and the Wuxian emperor. The Jade Emperor is also one of the gods, the earth Only the deification of all the natural objects on the ground, including the gods of the land, the gods of the land, the mountains, the rivers and the sea, the five gods, and the gods of all things. Humans and ghosts are the deifications of historical figures after death. Mr. Bao, Xiangong , Xianzu, Xianzu, hero, and other calendar figures.

In addition to the gods of the three realms of heaven, earth, and man, the Jade Emperor God is in charge of the heaven and earth, the rise and fall of all things in the universe, good and bad luck, and good fortune, so there is a political organization like the human world, so it is popularly believed that under the Jade Emperor God, In terms of central administration, there are Emperor Wenchang who manages academic affairs, Emperor Guan Sheng who manages commerce, Master Qiaosheng who manages works, and Emperor Shennong who manages agricultural affairs. In terms of local administration, there are Chenghuangye, Jingzhu Gong, and Di Gong , Jijizhu, Dongyue the Great, Qingshan King, in terms of judiciary, there are Edu Great and Shidian Yama. In short, the Jade Emperor God is the god among the gods, so everyone regards the Jade Emperor God as the supreme god among the gods.

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