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  Mother Gold of the Western Palace  

Taiwan’s Yaochi Golden Mother is a belief system with a huge organization of believers after being separated from the "Queen Mother Empress". The Yaochi Golden Mother is a very important folk belief in Taiwan after the war, and its development is closely related to the development history of Cihuitang. At present, in Taiwan, the main deity of Yaochi Jinmu is the main hall of Cihuitang, and the neighboring Sheng'an Temple is the main deity of the queen mother and empress. The two temples are actually separated from the believers of the same temple. Because the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother are called "Shangsheng Baiyu Guitai Nine Spirits Taizhen Wuji Madonna Jade Pool, the Great Saint Xiwang Jinmu Supreme Qing Lingyuan Jun controls the group of immortals and the Great Tianzun", it is different from the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother of Shengan Palace. Cihuitang takes the name of Yaochi Golden Mother as the main god and forms its own system. The Yaochi Golden Mother is also the Queen Mother of the West. The name of Cihuitang's ancestor god with Yaochi Golden Mother is also related to the joining of the Taoist Church by Cihuitang. Yaochi Golden Mother is a deity recognized by Taoism. On the other hand, tracing the development of the teachings of Cihuitang, the connotation of the belief of the mother and mother of Cihuitang, such as the end of the third period and the three establishment of Longhua in "The Return of the Yao Ming", is also related to the birthless mother of Xiantian Dao. Because in the development process of Xiantian Dao, the supreme ruler was once represented by the birthless mother, and it was not until the Daoguang reign that it was renamed the Yaochi Golden Mother Wuji Tianzun.


The Jade Lake Golden Mother is also known as the "West Queen Mother", "West King Golden Mother", "Gold Mother Yuanjun", "Xi Ling Queen Mother", "Nine Spirits Tai Miao Guishan Golden Mother", "Xi Chi Golden Mother of Bliss", " "Baiyuguitai Nine Spirits Taizhen Golden Mother Yuanjun", "Wuji Jade Lake Great Sage King Xiwang Jinmu Datianzun", "Heavenly Queen Mother Empress Great Tianzun", etc., are all called "Shangsheng Baiyuguitai Nine Spirits Taizhen Wuji Mother Mother Jade Pool Dashengxi" Wang Jinmu is a female fairy in Chinese mythology. As early as in the Yin and Shang inscriptions, there was the name "Xi Mu", referring to the Queen Mother of the West. . The Queen Mother is the leader of all female fairies in the heaven and earth, the goddess who protects marriage and childbirth, and the patriarch of Quanzhen Sect. For those who become immortals and attain Taoism, the male worships Prince Dong first, and the female worships Queen Mother Xi first, before they can go to see Sanqing. The Queen Mother of the West is in charge of the fairy books of the female fairies, and the Prince of the East is in charge of the fairy books of the male fairies.


The earliest record of the Queen Mother, seen in the pre-Qin Dynasty, was the goddess of the mountain mother and ancestor who lived in Kunlun Hill and had no parents. The Queen Mother of the West became an important Han folk belief in the Han Dynasty. There is a record of her in ancient Chinese books as the ancient goddess of longevity who was in charge of immortality and warned disasters and lived in the Kunlun Mountains. According to the legend of the Han Dynasty, the seven fairies on the carved stone "Dong Yong Fengqin" are the image of Yuyiren. In the Han Dynasty, there were many murals of Yuyi people surrounding the Western Queen and the Eastern Prince. The seven fairies are suspected to be the queen mother and the prince belonged to the gods. In the later folklore, it is said that the Seven Immortals are the daughters of the Western Queen and the Eastern Prince.


According to the West Queen Mother of Yuan Shi divided the true and Huan’s Wuji realm innate immortal, coordinating the West, the right is the lord of Dongyin, its god is second only to the Sanqing, and it is very lofty. The belief of the Queen’s mother in the folk is ancient and widespread, and it is domestic. One of the Taoist gods with the largest number of believers and the most incense, Taiwanese people often call it "Wang Mu Niang Niang" or "Yao Chi Golden Mother".

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