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第1籤  甲甲 大吉


This is a superlative divination message. You will enjoy great fortune and favor, all that you place your hopes in can be smoothly and gratifyingly attained, and the door will be open for gaining career advancement. 大吉です。願い事は望み通りに順調に叶い、出世運も上昇していきます。

This is a very lucky signed poem. As in:
Dongpo explained: "Unique in the clouds, outstanding and outstanding, famous in the first ranks, talking and laughing, making meritorious deeds, living a life of brilliance, all of which are recognized by the heavens, good fortune and longevity, which means seeking hope."
The above two sentences clearly say that there is hope for fame and fame. For those who take the exam, if they get this lottery, it is a good sign for the title on the gold list. The following two sentences of wealth, honor and glory are arranged for you by God, which means that your fortune is complete.
This sign has its own owner. Official Zhanzi has the joy of surpassing. Scholars have the hope of fame and fame. The common people are unlucky. If you want to seek money. In name only. It's too empty for words.
This first lottery not only means that the fame and fortune will be complete (if the people and places are equal, it should be)

Disease: can be cured.
Litigation: Right.
Marriage: happy.
Pregnancy: giving birth to a child.
Business: A solid foundation.
Future: Longevity and longevity.
Seeking wealth: common people are only nominal.
Pedestrian: Also.
Fame: Hopeful, ambitious.
1. Prosperity, brilliance, talent and good luck should seize the opportunity to act actively.
2. Luck is safe and secure, and you should not expect too much or do anything wrong. Those who want to seek wealth are just in name only.

this sign. Seek access. Nothing wrong. But each has his own. Zhanzi, the official, was overjoyed. Scholars have the hope of fame. Common people are unlucky. If you are looking for money. Nominal. Too much emptiness for words.
Prosperity and wealth. Since God is in charge, God has paid for it. Natural blessings and longevity are endless. Words of good fortune... as vast as a mountain. Longevity is... steadfast. Good luck on the top. If you need people to be equal, you should.

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第2籤  甲乙 上吉


Do not act in haste. Wait for a favorable time before taking action. You need to make a habit of self-cultivation and accumulating merit. Keep good thoughts in your heart, make sure to pray for heaven’s blessing, and all will naturally turn out well.  何事も軽率な振舞いを慎み、時機を待って動くことです。日頃から善徳を積んで自分を磨き、善良な心を保っていれば、天のご加護により、自ずから順調に運ぶでしょう。

To draw this signed poem means that it is inappropriate to seek too hastily, the so-called haste makes waste, and you must wait for the opportunity, not rush forward, before you can achieve.
This sign is for false inspection. Not fast forward. And it will take time. Only then can it be achieved. if ask...

Litigation: Reconciliation is appropriate.
Illness: It is advisable to pray more for God's blessing.
Fame: There is hope for taking the test, but don't be impatient, as long as you have real learning, you will be able to worry about high school.
Seeking wealth: flat, as long as you operate carefully, you will be able to make a profit.
Marriage: good, good.
Career: It is advisable to follow the steps clearly, not to be too ambitious, so as not to fail. In short, don’t act rashly, no matter how righteous you are, you will naturally be peaceful. If you act rashly, don't protect yourself.
Fortune: The previous luck was not smooth, and it will be smooth from now on. If you ask about the ending, you need to cultivate your heart to be kind. Occupiers do not harm the heart, do not harm the principles of heaven, accumulate virtue and cultivate the causes early, and then there will be gratifying things in the end.

Bad luck with this sign. The appearance of failure before. Since then, things have gone smoothly. If you ask what it ends up being. It is all about planting virtue with intention, and then it will come true. If the circumstances are right. Dun forgot the previous damage to the heart because of the dark. There will be regrets from beginning to end. Do your best to be careful.
Winning news. Good luck. Life is miserable. It is also like there is no such thing. Even when the occupiers never meet. Since then, it has been suitable, extremely sleepy and prosperous. Conspiracy is also intended. The destination of the future is the place of harvest and results. Those who cultivate the square inch for the precepts, do not harm the heart, do not harm the principle of heaven, and accumulate virtue and cultivate the cause early. Then finally there is (happy thing) to celebrate. The gentleman repairs the auspiciousness of the villain's rebellion. Only what you choose.

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第3籤   甲丙 中吉


You should stick to old ways, and remain in your proper sphere in all things. Do not be greedy, and you will never want for the basic necessities of life. As the old saying goes: “If something is predestined for you, you will have it sooner or later; if it isn’t predestined, there’s no use being importunate for it.” 何事も自己の本分を弁えて慎重に行い、足るを知れば、衣食の心配はありません。「時機はあるべき時にあり。時機にあらざるも強いて求めるべからず」。

It is precisely: "Rich and noble are pre-determined, why do you need to force it, always follow the rationale, and God will bless it. Follow the destiny, walk the straight path, have no shame in your heart, and be at peace naturally."
If you get this lottery, it means that you should only be conservative and not greedy. With honesty in mind, naturally worry-free.

Conspiracy: Although there is hope of success, it may take a long time.
Marriage: It is also relatively delayed in time.
Litigation: Reconciliation is appropriate.
Illness: There is no cure yet, it will take some time.
Seeking wealth: resistance, wealth has not arrived. Wealth is not stable Wealth has not arrived. It's no use worrying, just let it be.
Feng Shui: more.
Pregnancy: will give birth. should be protected. Don't worry.
Fortune: Follow the good way, follow the duty of security, and be worthy of God's blessing in the heart, and disasters will not invade. all good luck

This sign should only be conservative and not greedy. But there is a straight line, but there are two draws. It must be based on filial piety, loyalty and trustworthiness, and it will be fulfilled by its own blessings. If you think about force and demand, you will bring unexpected disasters. Those who account for reason and points are auspicious.
Food and clothing are natural, and each has its own set points. There are things in life, words are contained in people's lives, they can't be forced, don't work hard, and persuade people to be safe. Filial piety, loyalty, and persuasion. Filial piety is the reason for being filial, and faithfulness is the reason for doing things. Such a person, since being blessed by the heavens, blessings and fortunes will come to fruition, the blessings will be gathered and the blessings will be achieved, the admiration will be praised, and the misfortune will not invade. Everything is good without evil. It's all about cultivation, and you can't recite it. Be careful.

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第4籤   甲丁 下吉


Good fortune has left you, and woe is drawing near. Ill fortune will cast a cloud over you before good fortune returns. Your plans and hopes will be very hard to achieve, and you can only pray to the gods for their protection. 吉は去り、凶が来ます。計画や願望等は成就し難く、ただ神に祈るほかありません。

This signed poem tells the parties that the opportunity for fame and fortune, the cause of misfortune and fortune, should be prevented beforehand, and don't worry about it again, you will regret it. As the saying goes: "People who do not have far-reaching worries must have near-term worries."
Draw this lottery, that the hope is difficult to achieve.

Seeking wealth: Transactions are all unprofitable, and all actions are unfavorable.
Litigation: It's best to avoid getting involved in a lawsuit. Litigation is bad.
Sickness: It is difficult to heal, only pray to the gods and pray for blessing.
Marriage: Little hope of success. (unsure)
Pedestrians: Blocking.
Conspiracy: unfavorable. Everything is hopeless.
All things: first evil and then good.
Fortune: Unlucky, prone to accidents, all actions must be careful.

This fortune is gone. Misfortune to come. Officials come. Self-seeing. Looking to the Lord for everything will fail. Don't ask for money. Everything is not good. Urgently pray to the gods. Back to heaven with good deeds. There should be no regrets.
Last year was auspicious, but this year is bad. See the evil. Petal incense to God. Persuade people to get good results early. Thanks to the gods, you should be able to turn misfortunes into blessings. If there is no support from gods and Buddhas, the blessings will decline. Blame and come. Seeing that it is the navel, how much regret will it take? Those who occupy it should repair it early.

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第五籤   甲戊 中平


Anxiety will be followed by joy, bad luck followed by good. Though things are not as you would wish them now, you just need to be patient while waiting for autumn to pass and spring to arrive. As all life blooms anew in the spring, everything will then go smoothly for you. For now, be stoical and hold on. 憂いの後に喜びあり。凶の後に吉あり。思い通りに行かずとも、じっと待ちましょう。そのうち全て順調になります。今は我慢の時です。

This signed poem implies that sorrow comes first and then joy, and evil comes first. Although it is unsatisfactory at present, we must patiently wait for autumn to come and spring to come, and everything goes well.
It is: "When things go wrong, you should be patient and patient, and you will accept everything from time to time, and the blessings will not be invaded by disasters.
If this lot is drawn, if it is an official, the Lord has a sign of migration. if you ask

Illness: Curable, with hope of recovery.
Litigation: End Ji
Marriage: must be considered carefully.
Pedestrian: return
Seeking wealth: not profitable at present, but beneficial in the future.
Fame: Late, you must enrich yourself with your heart and naturally have the hope of success.
Fortune: At present, the fortune has not been prosperous, and all things need to be patient and wait for the spring to go well.

This sign is first worry and then joy. Seeing that the idea is uncertain, there is no basis for advancing or retreating. The situation is very cold. Waiting for the child ugly to accept the occasion. far, depending on the year. Advance ︱ should be the sun and the moon. Own updated weather. Like spring, everything happens. Big difference than before. All things are done in time.
Autumn scenery is cold. The door is like this. Desolation is known. The ox and the mouse handed over, but it was the occasion of Zi Chou's succession. After saying that there is a good situation in the future, it is only at this point that I am satisfied. Everything is rejuvenated, words and things start, like the spring sun of grass and trees, they are all pleasing to the eye. What is there to worry about, now it is necessary to be patient and fortunate.

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第六籤   甲己 下平


Hard toil has worn you down. You should just look after yourself, and not do anything impetuously, since nothing is ripe for change. Everything will work out fortunately if you keep god-sent guidance in mind. 何事にも邪魔や苦労は付き物です。軽率を慎み、変化も控えましょう。混迷を除けば吉です。

If this signed poem is about partnership business, it is a sign that the partnership will fail or the partnership will fail. Because of the partnership business, you can trust each other, and the partnership can be successful. If everyone has their own personal feelings and suspicion of each other, then failure is a matter of course. If you ask…

Pedestrian: Late.
Seeking money: unprofitable. Currently unable to do so.
Pregnancy: prevent dystocia.
Disease: difficult to cure.
Litigation: More fortunes than for luck.
Fame and fortune: Difficult to enter, easy to retreat.
Fame: No Hope. It is difficult to achieve aspirations without ideals.
Conspiracy: how sleepy. mutual affection. separated from each other. In vain.
Marriage: There is no hope of success. If the reluctance is successful, the future will be unsatisfactory, and you will not be able to grow old together.
Fortune: At present, it is in bad luck. Work hard. There is no advance. Unable to hope. Doubt or not. Just keep yourself. Not to change. You should think twice about doing things, and don't do things lightly, so as not to regret or rush.

This sign says that Yang is a gentleman. Yin is the villain. Beware of people who are right and wrong. Since then, he has doubted or not believed. What used to be a strong relationship before, has changed now, why bother with selfishness. Everything is auspicious when delusion is cleared.
Whistle blowing sheng. Poems of Xiaoya Banquet Guests. Gou is not his person. He Lao went a long way for this. Face to face can not meet. doubt each other. This person is unavailable. This is impossible. That should be decisive. If it is more personal. Remember him fondly. Not only in vain. will be more burdened by it. Hugh will ban words with two characters. Ji Zhanxiang is urgent to realize oneself.

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第七籤   甲庚 大吉


For those who are wealthy, this divination indicates self-ability to gain their heart’s desires. If you are in straitened and humble circumstances, you still can seek and gain peace, and do not need to be troubled by anything. 大いに富みます。何をしてもうまく行くでしょう。貧しくとも平穏ですので、心配無用です。

This signed poem indicates that originally born with immortal bones, and with the help of immortals, he has to become immortals and ascend, which is to imply that all noble people are. Occupy this sign, everything must be done. If the poor and lowly people get this lottery, it is just normal. (The power of the poor and the lowly is overwhelming. If you meet someone to support you, you will be successful. I am afraid that it will not be long. Illness has a promise of immortality. If it is over a month, it will be safe.) If you ask...

Disease: When a famous doctor comes to treat it, it can be cured within a month, otherwise there will be a sign of immortality.
Fame: Then. As long as there is strength, there is hope for success.
Seeking wealth: there is hope, as long as you operate carefully, you will be able to make a profit.
Litigation: Justified.
Pedestrians: to.
Yin place: Ji.
Marriage: A good marriage is born.
A noble person: All things are auspicious and all things are active, and you can achieve your goals without much effort.
The power of the two sluts is not only mediocre. Fang Hengtai cannot be fully supported by Ji Yuren.

Dao bone is born. There is also a relationship. Immortal Sect Master League. Immortal steps also get the way. Fingers crossed. Impulsively referring to consultants. lead to the sky. Above the sky. The alchemists account for it, and it will be auspicious. Scribes should use the jade hall to clear the product. Other things are too illusory and cannot be completely resolved.
Dongpo explained: "We are born rich and noble, and if we are blessed by God, every bone becomes an immortal and rises up the cloud road. When common people meet nobles, their wealth will gather together, and everything will be auspicious, so why worry about it."
Bixian commented: "Within three days of asking about the disease, you must help each other. If you still ask for wealth, Yunlu will be prosperous."

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第八籤   甲辛 上上


You have worked painfully hard to gain the rich rewards you enjoy today, and you should grasp them well. While your past efforts are just beginning to pay you back, many more good things will be coming to you in the future. これまでの努力が実を結びますので、時機をしっかり捉えましょう。これから結果が出て、すばらしい日々がやって来ます。

If you get this lottery, it will be a good omen first. The so-called whether it is extremely peaceful, it is also true when it comes to time. The hard work of farming in the past will now be harvested together. Exactly: "Whether the past is good or not now, it is especially important to keep it successful, regardless of whether it is poor or rich, from now on, it will be a prosperous one."
Dongpo explained: "Everything seeks to seek advice, whether in the past or not in today's prosperity, fortune will be prosperous, there is no harm in happiness, scholars, peasants, businessmen, and commerce, all have a good meeting, and the wealth is doubled, both inside and outside."

Mowang: Ji, come with joy.
Pedestrian: Even go back.
Disease: when there is no disaster.
Litigation: Worry before joy.
Wealth: Wealth will be gained.
Pregnancy: having a boy.
Feng Shui: auspicious. Hengjia Ye
Fame: Exam, Autumn is expected. If you work harder, you will have hope.
Marriage: If you have a good marriage, why bother to worry about it in advance?
Fortune: No before the time comes. Peace comes when everything goes well and comfortably.
(This sign should be changed for profit. Anyone who practices Pepsi can hope.)

This sign Yian always guards the score. Difficulty before. Gradually now. Avoid such as fields. Both apologies. There is also a good harvest. Fortunately, in broad daylight. Concentrating on business and business, sharing prosperity, why worry. Everything is natural. Note: The time is interrupted by autumn.
No harvest, refers to the disappointment of the past. There is autumn this year, referring to the interests of the present. On weekdays, there is a lot of joy in pitching and traveling. No worries. The concubine of scholars, farmers and businessmen. Those who account for this, everyone will be lucky. Everything goes well. A sign of joy.

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第九籤   甲壬 上吉


You can now enjoy a great harvest after a long wait. Everything can turn out just as you would wish it. 我慢が報われ、朗報があります。何事も思い通りにいくでしょう。

This signed poem expresses that the long-awaited thing will come to the fore. It's like waiting for a long time for information, and suddenly there is good news to report.
It is exactly: "I have been looking for a long time, and suddenly I have a good sound. The sound book is in hand. I am happy now. The benefits are very important, and the wealth is a thousand pieces of gold.
However, neither the news nor the Linghuajing mirror is a fact, so it is easy to become empty joy, so if you ask about career or financial benefits, I am afraid that you will be in vain.
If you get this lottery, if you ask...

Fame: There must be good news.
Pedestrians: Coming within a few days.
Illness: Will be cured.
Marriage: There is hope for success.
Litigation: Win.
Seeking wealth: As long as you work hard and make money, there is no problem.
Pregnancy: having a boy.
Fortune: The fortune is safe and smooth. Everything is according to the desire of the heart.

This sign is for the matter, and it is a happy letter in the near future. If you ask pedestrians, it will come soon. marriage reconciliation.
Disease returns. Shizike name good news. Officials were superfluous. If you ask about your luck, you will see good news.
Looking at the news, I have been waiting for a long time, look carefully and take a selfie in the mirror. At this time, I look forward to the state of restlessness, and the documents enter. The message has arrived. Happy eyebrows. Possibly exhaling. All things take a long time to become, difficult and easy can not be too hasty.

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第十籤   甲癸 下吉


You are going through a period of bad fortune now. At this time, you should cultivate your heart and nature, do good deeds to accumulate virtue, and pray for the blessing of the gods. Then, your fortune will be transformed in the natural way of things. 運気が来ていない時は、何をするにも良くありません。しかし自己を磨き、善徳を積み、神に祈れば、自ずから運気が到来します。

This signed poem, obviously, is to warn the wicked to repent, eliminate bad karma, and bring blessings. If you get this lottery, you should only avoid harm and do good, and act cautiously and rashly.
Dongpo explained: "The fate is many, and the disease is continuous, but it is advisable to repair and save the sky, until the winter solstice, and pray to God for recovery. If you ask for everything, you will be able to do everything."

Business profit: unprofitable, should be conservative, not greedy.
Illness: It may still be delayed. (It will only get better after the winter solstice)
Litigation: It will take time to resolve. (It will be solved after the winter solstice)
Marriage: If fate comes, there will be a good marriage, so why worry about it in advance.
Fame: Difficult to map hope, as long as you are fully prepared. That is, a setback is nothing, and it must be taken again.
Pedestrian: Late.
Fortune: The fortune is difficult and not smooth, as long as you avoid evil and do good, be careful not to act rashly, and be careful in everything. It won't get better until after the winter solstice.

The meaning of this sign is very clear. If you have past sins, you should ask God to repent. If you ask about illness, you can't solve it until after the winter solstice. If not. When disaster strikes, the occupiers can keep the points and repair the province.
The fortune has been bad, and now it is unlucky. Playing tiles and drilling turtles. Calculating the good and the bad why this is necessary. Plant blessings early. Feeling Hao Cang, silently relying on divine power. Best winter solstice. A sun comes back. or seven days later. Fast fulfillment. Cut off the solar term. close time. Vientiane rejuvenation. To need after Lu. Follow this practice. The Holy Word is not wrong. Those who do not realize the cultivation of the province will end up murdering.

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