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第四十一籤   戊甲 中吉


Tasks that are difficult at the outset will later become easy. Everything depends on yourself, and you cannot depend on anyone else. The years of the rat and the ox will be propitious for all you ask for, or will bring you a benefactor. 苦の後に楽が来ます。他人ではなく、自分の力に頼りましょう。子年と丑年生まれは願い事は吉、または人の支えが得られます。

This sign is generally difficult at first and then easy, (there is no certainty in any delusional affairs. It must be slowed down. Only then can there be achievements). The word "Ugly" is obvious.

Fame and fortune: Difficulty before success. Must wait for the child ugly years. Fang was obvious.
Disease: choose a doctor and eventually heal.
Litigation: back and forth, and finally straight.
Marriage: Although there are twists and turns, (there are three changes) finally negotiated.
Letter: Coming soon.
Everything: successful. You will meet Zi Chou Fang Sui.
Family Road: Yu Zi Chou industry is booming.
Wealth: not ideal at present but there will be in the future.
Fortune: Don't act rashly. A change of direction or a new plan is not a good opportunity to wait. Ordinary things will be all good at this time.

North, South, East and West are the aspirations of men in all directions. But the world is far away. No steps are currently allowed. Treat the rat in the year of the ox, or the month and day will have their own promotion. Scholars have a great reputation. Named on the Gold List. The merchants and the wealthy will not suffer. The home industry is booming. marriage reconciliation. Injustice Shen Xue. Everything works. The fortune is not to be.
This sign is now a transaction. All uncertain. Litigation will be repeated. Marriage has changed. Yuzi Ugly Fang Yueri. Or the year may allow Suiyi. The early years of fame were difficult. Zi Chou Ke Qingyun went straight up. Exhale Yangmei. Everything is difficult beforehand. Do your best to wait for the day.

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第四十二籤   戊乙 中吉


You need to start with a clean slate, do more good deeds, and cultivate virtue. If you can do thus, you will be able to smoothly attain what you seek, and be aided by the gods in light and dark.過ちを改め、善徳を積めば、何事も順調に行き、神もそっと手を差し伸べてくれるでしょう。

The old saying goes: "A person is not a sage, how can he be free from faults? If he is past, he can improve, and goodness is great." This signed poem is exactly what it means.
Dongpo explained: "God promises harmony, and acts obediently, and eagerly desires to change, only then can it be appropriate, and the heart is upright, and there is no good in deceiving oneself. If you can repent, the heavens will deal with it."

Career: It is advisable to change the map or replace the equipment, there is no hope of development in the old fashioned way.
Illness: To change doctors.
Marriage: another discussion.
Litigation: Redesign or Yihe.
Fame and fortune: It is better to change the scale (change the map).
Fame: Failed to achieve a wish.
Pedestrian: Late.
Everything: Change to the satisfaction of the party. (removing the old from the new)
Luck: normal. People are not saints. Who can fail? It can be changed. Good is rewarded. Only from good causes. God bless you with good luck all year round.

This sign should be questioned on your own. Do not be obedient. I'm afraid there are bad thoughts about Russia. Urgent repentance. Mismatched last time. Update and rectify from now on. When you are happy. If parents do not hold back their hatred, they are afraid of hardships. It is useless.
See Xu Ben by chance. It is not right to cultivate self-belief. Change the new picture and make another calculation. Mo still. Don't follow suit. Those who have passed can return. The lost can be chased. Otherwise, it can be Thai. All things are like the old and the new.

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第四十三籤   戊丙 中吉


Bad fortune will be succeeded by good. In all your affairs and strivings, you will be under the protection of the gods. You will have a scare, but not be in danger, and will turn ill luck into good fortune, so that in the end, you will be able to pull through all difficulties. 凶の後に吉。何事も神のご加護の下、凶が吉となります。紆余曲折があっても、最後は成就します。

If you get this lottery, it is a good omen

Hope: Although there are many obstacles at present, as long as we overcome with perseverance, we will succeed in the end.
Litigation: Although the lawsuit has been settled, or the person has been detained, the clearer will clear himself, and he will definitely be able to restore your innocence.
Disease: Although it is serious at present, as long as you trust the doctor's treatment, you will be cured.
Marriage: not difficult. Don't worry, there is a long way to go. to be successful.
Lost property: still.
Pedestrians: to.
Everything: good luck.
Fame and fortune: It is not difficult.
Seeking money: as long as you work hard. Money is no problem.
Name: then. As long as there is strength, there is hope for success.
Luck: Good luck. It's a lot scary right now. But there are gods to keep you safe. Distress is not dangerous.

This sign comes first and then auspicious. If you ask for hope, you have your own advantages. The patient is at risk. Self liberation. Litigation panic. Get peaceful. Huan Road Master has a storm and will never harm. Anyone who deliberately relies on God's blessings to get auspicious.
An official book is the official business of the yamen. Fire rusher. Quick as a spark. The sound of the waves is like a thrilling thunderous journey. Keeping you safe and not in danger. to reply. To speak freely. Obtained the good luck of Anzhen.

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第四十四籤   戊丁 中平


A momentary error of conduct has caused you to do wrong and stir up trouble. If you are repentant, fame and fortune will be within reach. Acknowledging a fault goes halfway to redressing it. 魔が差してしまうと事を誤り、厄介になります。しかし、過ちを自覚して悔い改めれば、名誉も利益も取り戻せます。

Bixian commented: "Everything is wrong from busyness, but you will think carefully. If you can keep the hope, you can guarantee a lifetime of prosperity."
Getting this lottery means that although the person has a good heart, his actions are often unavoidable, resulting in frequent mistakes. If you can think twice before doing things, and be cautious in your words and deeds, you will be successful and rich.
There is something wrong with this sign. If you can change it. then Ji.

Litigation: Better to be patient, better to settle.
Fame and fortune: not prosperous. Can regret both fame and fortune.
Pedestrian: The return date is still far away.
Marriage: Don't ask. Not easy to succeed
Everything: how wrong.
Illness: If you can pray more, you will heal early naturally.
Career: It is necessary to re-examine and correct mistakes, and things will go smoothly.
Fame: Your achievement depends on how hard you work
Seeking money: no profit. Ups and downs at the moment but there is hope for the future.
Fortune: You are not a villain, but your actions are all wrong in your busyness. Damage the spirit, but can be changed. Return to the heart and be kind, and naturally you will be safe and sound.

This copy is not a villain. But there is evil. When the knowledge is unknown. and being seduced. Not to offend the gods. Quickly repent. Keep good will. In order to feel. Prosperity in the future. Glory can be expected. To save in one thought. Don't end up being obsessed with yourself.
Say this person is kind to Ben. Everything is wrong now. damage the spirit. The picture is useless. Only hurt yourself. Be firm. Occupier. That is to return to the good heart. Reward incense wishes. Long-lasting good deeds. Wishes are rewarded. luxurious. Deleted by mistake. After this good will firm. Still in one person. Those who turn misfortune into blessings realize it.

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第四十五籤   戊戊 中平


Even though you are morally upright and a good person, others may still treat you impolitely, and you need to be mentally prepared for this. Adhere to your virtue, and you are sure to be well rewarded for it in the future. 行いも良く、好人物ですが、他人に無礼を振舞われる可能性がありますので、心の準備が必要です。ただし自分を見失わなければ、吉報が来ます。

Dongpo explained: "If you want to cultivate your mind, don't ask others for it, but according to your duty, you can get Tianma, don't compete with others, disturb your own blessings, and celebrate the happiness of your descendants. All are good reasons."
If you get this lottery, it means you can't ask for it, but you will be blessed by the heavens according to your duty.

Pedestrians: Must come.
Location: not suitable for relocation.
Disease: that is safe.
Litigation: must be fierce, and should be reconciled.
Seeking wealth: there is currently no, and should be conservative.
All things: Only cultivate a good heart and avoid disasters. It is not possible to compete for strengths and weaknesses, but Xiuwei is waiting for it.
Marriage: Don't worry, if fate arrives, there will naturally be a good marriage. No worries.
Fame: You must work hard and work hard, and you will naturally have the hope of success.
Fortune: Keep yourselves safe, and don't expect too much or do anything wrong about anything. More goodness. Can be shaded by the sky.

This sign urges people to do their best. The center is loyal. Forgive. All people are equal. Not to benefit others. And deceive the heart to seek auspicious things. good time. Take shelter from the sky. Blessed long. He seeks good fortune. Desire to be shaded. Heartbroken first. The calculation is also left. How can it be compared to the one who is intentional.
heart. The hidden place in the heart. Hard work. Such as Li Tian who intends to cultivate also. Tomb on the Hill. They are ancestors of each other. Inviolable conspiracy. The shadow is still geography. The heart is heaven. God ruled. Geography shifted with it. Yin is not as good as heart. It's so bright. Xiuwei refers to the words of those who cultivate their hearts. But the Lord. Those who don't know what to say. Not being able to speak on the same day is also separate from good and evil. Good or bad self-judgment. The occupier judges it.

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第四十六籤   戊己 中平


Exercise caution in everything you do. You cannot just go ahead and do whatever you think of doing, but must think it over very thoroughly. 何事もよく考えて慎重に行動しましょう。思いのままの行動はいけません。

This signed poem is a warning to seekers not to seek fame and fortune. Even if you are rich and noble, if your mind is restless and you are troubled, it is better to be an ordinary person who is free and easy!
Exactly: "Keeping one's own footing and keeping one's own footing is beyond the reach of right and wrong, not being pampered or humiliated, and enjoying the blessing of pure cultivation."
If you get this lottery, you should be conservative and not act rashly.

Long journey: there must be depression.
Litigation: must be murdered. Hard to stop.
Disease: multi-risk.
Marriage: Not ideal. It is difficult to negotiate between the two.
Everything: not good. But the safe side is prosperous. Xu Jun rested in peace. Disaster can be avoided.
Seeking money: If you are opportunistic, it will be self-defeating. Keeping one's own footing and keeping quiet, everything will be successful, and disasters can be avoided. "It is advisable to keep the old ways and not to be greedy. It is natural to have no worries in the heart."
Fortune: normal, should be conservative. Don't act rashly, take advantage of gains and losses to advance and retreat, and enjoy the blessings of pure cultivation.

This signature should be conservative. Enjoy the joy of your own mountain forest. Don't be greedy for surprises. Not as scheduled. Or too late for speed or tired of new things. Or give up the near and the far. Or abandon the small and seek the big. Like a bull rider. Switch to riding. When it comes to horseback riding, I want to ride a bull. Regret hesitated. Hard to stop. It is Yiqier. People who haven't experienced it in their childhood often do this. It should be avoided.
Hou Wanhu. A rich and noble man. Happy in the mountains. Do not check this either. Riding a bull is late and safe. Horseback riding is fast and adventurous. Look at the mountains now. Words are safe and dangerous. Not at ease is always smooth. And to Chi suddenly panic. toil and hardship. Can't take over. When you want to ride a bull. Anbu Xu Xing. How comfortable. But it is too late to regret it. How to be cautious. Don't act rashly to get it. Horses and cattle or broken years are also tested.

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第四十七籤   戊庚 下下


Act always with a calm mind and even temper. Pay heed to dissuading voices, be quick to repent of your mistakes, and do not act on impulse. Make sure to reflect on yourself and exercise self-restraint, then misfortune will naturally disappear without a trace. 心を穏やかに、他人の忠告をよく聞きましょう。過ちを反省し、感情的にならずに自己を見つめ、自制すれば、災いは自ずから消え去ります

This signed poem warns those who seek occupiers and asks to avoid disasters. They must be careful and self-absorbed. As long as they have a good heart, disasters will naturally disappear. On the other hand, if you don't self-examine, but only want to use clever tricks, disasters will happen in an instant, so don't give up.
This signature cannot be delusional. Don't be greedy. But be peaceful. Injustice can be snow. Forbid people to litigate. Litigation ends. Impossible. If you can be at peace. Then the calamity will end. Injustice can be snowed. Occupiers cannot be greedy for anything. What day does. There is nothing good. Clear night. Ghostly forest. Although not a disaster. And the calamity is self-inflicted. Do not give up.

Litigation: Unfavorable, litigation is the ultimate murder, you should reflect on yourself. fear of punishment.
Marriage: Good things come and go, but if they stand the test, a lover will eventually be married.
Planning things: Don't be impatient, because if you are impatient, things will fail.
Disease: Weining.
Seeking wealth: Don't be greedy, look too much on Italy and you may waste your energy.
Pedestrians: There are obstacles.
Fame: There will be hope if you work harder and be more fulfilled.
Fortune: If the fortune is not smooth, if you follow the good way, the evil will naturally disappear into the invisible. Nothing can be delusional. Don't be greedy.

This sign, everything must be peaceful. Listen to people's persuasion. Mistakes are regretted early. Ask yourself instead. Don't just use it again. Parents do not live. cause murder. Litigation especially. Although there is injustice. It is only auspicious to dissolve peacefully.
Thousands of words. In three exhortations also. Peace and snow injustice. Reasonable solution too. If so, there can be no lawsuit. Litigation ends. Certainly. You remember. The occupier thinks carefully. No regrets. Reconcile at night. It would be unreasonable to say this. Asking the heart is not as good as turning back as soon as possible. Take this for granted. Don't be presumptuous. It is advisable to stop and do not move. Unpredictable aftermath.

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第四十八籤   戊辛 中平


A person you meet with may be your benefactor, so you must not miss this chance. Under this person’s guidance and assistance, you will be able to put the troublesome face of your affairs behind you. 人との出会いを大切にしましょう。その方が恩人になるかもしれません。その方に導かれ助けられ、今の逆境が乗り越えられます。

If you get this lottery, it means that your family is uneasy, you must guard against filial piety, separation of brothers, and dissipation of property.
Dongpo explained: "I have experienced difficulties, fortunes are often on the right side, family ties are uneven, and things are often bumpy. When you meet rich and noble people, you can only ask for help.
Climbing and wading. It's called difficult. In-laws that are safe. It's a lot of trouble for the whole family. Tiger head. It's called Lu Yu's surname. Or cloud tiger head Gu Kai small characters. Got these three surnames Ticu. Fame and fortune. Rejoice for you. It's called lost and found. Getting better.

Litigation: Peace.
Fame: Emptiness. Just be conservative.
Diseases: There are thrills.
Long distance travel: disadvantage.
Treasures: Dissipated. If there is something wrong, it cannot be fulfilled at present.
Marriage: should stop. The master's sister-in-law is perverse. The chance of success is uncertain and has to wait for the time being.
Fame: Now there is resistance, and the rear is Xianda. It is not ideal at present and continue to work hard to get a good performance next time.
Home: The main brothers are scattered. disturbed.
Fortune: The fortune is not prosperous, so we must guard against the unexpected. Be careful in everything, and everything will be fine.

The situation is difficult. Poor population. Disagreement on everything. Fortunately, there was a noble person who profited from it. Indicate lost. Identify where the opportunities lie. Listen carefully to the reunion of flesh and blood. Humanity and harmony. Anything is intentional. Otherwise, nothing. There is no joy in safety and security.
Climbing and wading. It is said to be difficult. brother-in-law. It's safe to speak with both inside and outside. Uneasy inside and out. The tiger head is the surname of Lu Yu or the name of each place in Shangyu City, Chuzhou, Qianzhou. Once Jin Gu Kai became a tiger-headed general. Care should be taken to avoid this person's awakening. Self-safety. Rejoice that leavers. It can be compounded, and the lost can be recovered. The dead can be brought back to life. Those in danger can be rehabilitated. If you pass this person and forget about it. Then it will be lost.

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第四十九籤   戊壬 下下


A bad attitude that you harbor in your heart is causing difficulty in your affairs. If you can reflect on yourself and change this attitude to good, such problem will naturally be resolved. 邪まな心により、今の困難が生じています。よく反省して善に向かえば、問題は解決に向かうでしょう。

This sign indicates that the family is not in harmony. The family has different dreams and different aspirations. Without unity, it is difficult to achieve anything. Therefore, we must first seek to understand each other and communicate opinions before we can succeed. As the saying goes: "Home and everything come together".
Dongpo explained: "It's easy to live in peace and easy, there are obstacles to going out, the times are easy to pass, and you work hard in vain. You should keep the old ways and move according to your divisions. If your luck is not prosperous, you should not be aggressive.
each other's home and abroad. Generally also. Two mountains form. There is only one mountain that seems to separate the gate of hell. There are no obstacles. The sun and the moon are like shuttles. It's easy to get old. toil in vain. Better to sit still.

Litigation: Yihe.
Pedestrians: Damaged on the way. Be careful.
Illness: There is trouble. Willing.
Everything: prevent murderers from infringing halfway.
Fame: Block. All of them should be cultivated at any time until they become self-sufficient before they can make progress
Fame: If you can't do what you want, you can work harder to enrich yourself.
Marriage: late or not. Fear of change is difficult to succeed. Fate has not yet arrived, and it is difficult to be forced.
Home: Difficult. Yin people are in trouble. Murdered by the master conspirators.
Seeking money: At present, it is not possible to do what you want and it is not advisable to ask for too much.
Fortune: The fortune is not prosperous, and the family is cautious to prevent the storm. If home and nature are safe and sound.

This sign is a sentimental corner. No support. Seemingly connected. In fact, so far away. The situation is similar to that of Qin and Yue wise men, who know themselves and the enemy, and cast this one elsewhere. or encounter. Ruo Xin's writing and appearance. Orally hilarious. Outer secrets in the middle. Always fresh. It's not just the time of comprehension. More time and effort. Such people have been criticized by the world for a long time. However, the province of Ephraim also.
home to each other. Friendship is a neighbor. only one mountain. It's even easier than ever. gate of hell. Delayed hepatobiliary separation. It is like the dividing line between yin and yang. Years go by. Words are hopeless. Empty since late. Much toil. Words are not based on people. Conspiracy. Tired of running around in vain. How to know human feelings. Take it easy. Wouldn't it be more than enough. Those who are abstaining from occupiers should not make rash relations. Don't be in vain, don't trust yourself.

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第五十籤   戊癸 上吉


This year is markedly better than last, with your fortune steadily improving. As long as you behave in a fit and proper way, you will enjoy yet more good fortune.  今年は去年よりも良くなります。運気も順調で、行いが正しければ、更に多くの福が到来します。

Dongpo explained: "Seeking to conquer the sky, to be aggressive and profitable, to be careful in personnel, to eliminate misfortunes and good fortunes, don't believe in greedy words, be confused and think about it, be cautious about the end as always, and don't hesitate."
This sign is auspicious. luxurious. The gate is prosperous. See Hi Timing. But to seek reconciliation. Do not believe in slander. Just be conservative. Fang is happy.
Getting this lottery means that as long as you grasp the policy, don't listen to greedy words, you can do things.

Access: Ji.
Pepsi: Hentai.
Litigation: Yihe.
Disease: healed.
Pedestrians: to.
Profits: more money, as long as you do business carefully, you will be able to make a profit.
Pregnancy: Guaranteed.
Marriage: negotiable. Make up your mind to get married.
Fame: Depending on how hard you work, your achievements will be determined.
Home: The family is prosperous. See Hi Timing.
Fortune: Luck is straight to the point and the sky is clear. A broad vision is a clear fortune for everything to go well.

This sign is for a prosperous year. time and years. The family is prosperous. However, self-cultivation is the foundation of the Qi family. Confucianism is a real defense within the gate. Must be disciplined. Ren Rang Yong Yong. Fang Sui was blessed with peace. It is even more forbidden for women to play tricks on Xiao Xiao. It was slander for Effie. Don't listen. The Tao of the Si family has been established and the stream has grown. Everything is careful and peaceful.
This year is better than last year. Things are going smoothly. Follow the rules step by step. Actions are not to be taken lightly. Blessed with peace. To be a wife. Mu brothers call for auspiciousness. Do not listen to slander. An opinion is required. Be generous and guard against bias. Do everything to meet the time. Then you can wait for the day and time to waste people. not. Can be careless.

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