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第七十一籤   辛甲 中平


Things will become much easier after initial difficulties. What you are asking for cannot be attained in your early years, but must be delayed until your later years, and will also mean wiping the slate clean for a fresh start. 苦の後に楽あり。願い事は晩年にならないと叶いません。しかもやり直しが必要です。

This signed poem tells the parties that good luck will come soon. The current anxiety of anticipation will soon pass. To plan everything well, you must wait for the right time to come (sign means that the time is in autumn and winter), then let go and do it, and finally you must achieve success.
This sign is difficult first and then easier. Everything is old-fashioned. Looking forward. No worries. Good line Yin stallion. God bless. Was insured and prosperous. Fame is unsatisfactory. Expected later. And seek for money in late autumn. During early winter. There must be success. Birds get angry first. Therefore, the magpie knows that people from afar have good news. Then report the picture. Report any achievement. But the pity is not long. If auspicious, the day when the prescription is prosperous. There must be an accident. Seek complete remorse. The owner of the house has a yin person. Disease should be careful.

Litigation: It is advisable to persuade the parties to settle.
Disease: It is a bad omen.
Exam: Seek fame, work hard and have hope.
Fame: Gradually pass.
Marriage: Remarriage of slaves is good, first marriage is bad.
Pedestrian: Coming soon.
Seeking money and seeking things: unsuccessful. There must be achievements in the late autumn and early winter.
Home: The Lord has Yin people. Disease should be careful.
Fortune: The usual good luck will soon come to a time when everything is old-fashioned.

This signing and reunion. The image of going and returning. All the signs have moved. There is a good sound. If the returnee has been notified. Reunion is not available during the day. The joy of harmony between husband and wife. But Twilight Frost invaded. Plants fall. Must be a late bloomer. and age decline.
Happy birds can report good luck. Pedestrians are approaching. Good sound forecast. Is to return to the heart. Although thousands of miles away. Those who know have already seen it. Du Shi. Chaimen crows are noisy. Return guests thousands of miles away. This is also a test. The mandarin ducks reunite. The feeling of returning from a long time away. Frost withered leaves. Should also be in autumn and winter. After many hard hopes. And there must be today. Then it is too late. That's why it is called twilight invasion. Occupiers are successful. Hard to arrive early. Heavy word or main bigamy should be. Other things can be interrupted twice.

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第七十二籤   辛乙 下平


Your fortune is not good at present, and you must patiently wait for the opportune time to arrive. For goodness sake do not be impatient, or else you will usher in misfortune. 今は運気が良くありません。辛抱強く時期の到来を待ちましょう。焦ってしまうと、厄運を招きます。

Obtaining this lottery signifies that the person involved has had an ups and downs in his life. Although there was a glorious period in the past, but now it is like sunset, but life is like this, there is no need to complain! If you can work harder, maybe there will be a time to turn around, that might be the case.
Dongpo explained: "The road to build is rugged, the condition is going to decline, and it is very difficult to ask for things, so I just sigh. When you meet Shen Youxu, you will see the year, month and day. If you are lucky at this time, you can get your wish."
Danger on the ground on Sunday. Use everything. It's because of life. account for this. Don't sigh. In the case of Shenshu year, month, day. Quite satisfactory. Great benefits to the unitary. The so-called rugged road that leads in all directions.

Litigation: Final murder.
Disease: main insurance.
Fame: Difficult.
Everything: how vicious.
Pregnancy: birth must be shocked.
Seeking money: late. Rare now.
Ground: Unstable.
Marriage: must be late. Most of them are late marriages and should make up their minds to have a marriage negotiation.
Fortune: If you work hard, you must be careful about everything. Not to be careless. Otherwise, there will be unexpected disasters.

This visa has many risks. Things went downhill. Human defense framed. It's like walking along the rugged road by the river. It's getting late again. How risky. Everything is barely moving forward. Vicious. Stop here. Shu can avoid misfortune. Even at night. Must meet the date of Shen Youxu. Or Shen Youxu limit. Can hope to have ears.
The road has highs and lows. A sign of danger. The situation is by the river canal. It is more dangerous. The long distance is amazing. How difficult. The sundial moved westward. It will be dark in an instant. Want to be in danger. Shen is a monkey. Xu is a dog. You are a chicken. Even with glory. Wait for the date of Shen Youxu to respond. Now the fortune is very bad. It is advisable to be patient.

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第七十三籤   辛丙 下吉


Vows you made before have long since been overtaken by change. There is no need to go on waiting, but be quick to see the facts as they are, wipe the slate clean, and you will have a fresh start. 過去の誓約は失われました。もはや待つ必要はなく、すみやかに状況を見極め、新たに出発しましょう。

This signed poem expresses that an infatuated lover meets a heartless person. Therefore, the question of marriage is often unsuccessful.
Dongpo's commentary: There are many things that are scattered, and it is difficult to hope that it will be re-enacted. "
This signature is scattered. Difficult to reunite. Although strong. End soon. sickness. Marriage discord. The litigant asks. Fame and fortune are always changing. Difficult to keep forever. But people's infatuation never ends. Hope in vain. Everything is difficult. Not just fame and fortune. Can't get pregnant. Difficult to raise children. Although there is no resentment of drum basins. There are also yin damage.

Name: Xuxi. Still need to enrich themselves.
Fame: Hopeless
Litigation: Bad luck. It is advisable to stop fighting.
Pedestrian: No.
Pregnancy: what a fright. It is difficult to raise a child.
Everything: all difficult.
Seeking wealth: unlucky and unprofitable.
Marriage: If the Lord can't marry again, he will be old.
Illness: If you are in danger, you should practice good deeds and pray for God's blessing. Graveyard: Empty.
Fortune: Destiny. There are often obstacles in business planning, so it is better to keep the best policy, but doing more good deeds is good fortune.

Do not trust this sign. Everything is a covenant with people. Although the beginning is harmonious. It is also a lie. Never accurate. Such as the instant failure of a marriage. Get in early. Free yourself from harassment. Or it can be used as a remedy for the dead sheep. If you end up being fooled. Useless. And suffer a lot. Humanity is like that. It doesn't know
Orchid room. Refers to the place of women's boudoir. In half hairpins. Each holds half of the hairpin. I thought it was a letter. Human relationships are dense. Most are like this. Good tone. Affectionately changed. The habit of turning the clouds over the rain. You know that this marriage is not compatible. This is no longer clear. Lianyi. It means more than a couple. Crazy hope. Missing. Sedentary obsession also. An incompatible marriage. Picture the impossible. So in the end it didn't work. Bystanders have long known it. The authorities are unaware of their misery. Taking this into account, you can know how to go back.

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第七十四籤   辛丁 上吉


Though you are in a tight spot, you will not be affected by it at all. As long as you keep good thoughts in your heart, you will be sure of a good outcome, and will be favored by fortune in subsequent matters. 危機的状況にあっても、全く影響はありません。心が善ならば、結果も善であり、吉運が舞込みます。

Obtaining this lottery means that there are many obstacles or dangers, but as long as the parties can calm down, they will succeed in the end.
Dongpo explained: "The road is dangerous, but the heart is calm, and the evil turns into good luck. In the end, there is no doubt. It is better to keep upright. Don't change your course. Walk on the road smoothly. Why don't you follow."
This signature has serious risks. Peace of mind. Everything is difficult beforehand. Where fame and fortune also. The mastery of three numbers. Good spring and summer. to autumn in Italy.

Illness: Peace of mind after a thrill.
Litigation: Although there is a murder, it will eventually be resolved.
Pedestrians: to.
Seeking money: can be delayed. Currently unable to do so.
Fame and fortune: There are many opportunities, as long as you keep it right, you will eventually achieve success.
Marriage: Although there are twists and turns, lovers get married in the end.
Fame: If you fail to make persistent efforts, there will be hope next time.
Fortune: The fortune is very dangerous. But there are gods to keep you safe. Distress does not harm. Because of his good roots. From spring and summer to autumn.

This signing is in serious danger. It's very difficult right now. However, God is silent. Although in danger. Like walking on the road to prosperity. Gaiyuan usually has good roots. Enough to feel divine. At this time, there is wisdom in the heart. Sufficient to exercise discretion. So you can escape and prosper. Go to Chang'an Road. Before spring is full. There are infinite prospects. Occupiers are only mindful of their body and mind. More and more accumulation. Go first to meet the unreached Tianma Sishaner.
Cui Wei. High and rugged place. Repeatedly to appeal to the police. Dangerous. barbarian. Flat ground too. to come back. Speech and deed are free. Risk is not harmful. Bodhi. Good fruit also. Mirror Ming also. The body is like the goodness of Bodhi. And the heart is like a mirror. It is by God's blessing. Good luck. On Chang'an Road. The road to fame and wealth. Put spring back. Words of fame and wealth are compelling. Like the glory of spring. Prosperity and good fortune both physically and mentally. Sri Lanka's fulfillment is like a ringing sound.

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第七十五籤   辛戊 中吉


You are going to meet a like-minded person, or your dealings are going to succeed to your heart’s desire. All will naturally come about by the will of heaven. But all of these things are predestined by a former existence, and you must understand to cherish this. 相性の良い人に出会うか、思い通りに事が運ぶでしょう。全てが自ずと進みますが、それが前世の縁であることを忘れてはいけません。

This signed poem indicates that everyone has a time to work, even if they are poor and underdeveloped, but they can see heroes with discerning eyes, if they have a noble character. Of course there will be a day that will be taken seriously.
This sign is auspicious. Everything works as intended.

Marriage: As long as the other party is of good character, the current situation can be ignored.
Wealth: This is gradually beneficial.
Disease: will be cured.
Conspiracy: there is hope of success.
Fame: High ten years in the cold window are in their early days.
Litigation: Those who have to meet an honest official.
Pedestrian: Go back.
Pregnancy: having a boy. More good practice and pray for God's blessing.
Fortune: Good luck in luck.

There is a precedent for this sign. No labor required. A natural coincidence. The covers are weighed against each other. He has cast off the mundane. This encounter can come very close. It's love at first sight. Extraordinary contract. No longer in the world between the rich and the poor. marriage reconciliation. Everything fits. The way is right. All wishes come true.
Good marriage. Marriage is just right. However, it is caused by pre-existing cultivation. Not very occasionally. Plant hemp. Plant beans and get beans. The effect of nature also. A sweet smile. See you late. Characters are quite. It's just a matter of character. Both are comparable. Both have a leading edge. are comparable. Not to be rich. To be poor see sparse also. Watch this. And so self-cultivation of their talents and virtues. Don't hesitate.

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第七十六籤   辛己 中平


The misfortunes and blessings in your life are all completely determined by your own conduct. 人生の禍福は、全て自分の行いによって決まるのです。

Gu Yun said: "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil." He also said, "It is out of you, and it is against you." He also said: "There is no way for good or bad, but people do it by themselves." Melon, if your actions are good, you will be rewarded, and if your actions are evil, you will be rewarded with misfortune. Therefore, the meaning of this lottery is as explained by Dongpo: "Good luck and bad luck are ever-changing. It is not limited to one end, and the words are not enough. It should be viewed with the heart. Good fortune accumulates good, misfortune and evil are born. Know what to avoid, and you should realize it beforehand."
This lottery is asked to ask for business and plot, but it depends on whether the heart is good or not. If a treacherous person takes this lottery, it is a warning of misfortune. The parties who have obtained this lottery should seek good things and avoid evil in everything.
This sign conspiracy. Yin people talk endlessly. Be mindful. Accumulate good fortune. Accumulate evil. Cultivating good and avoiding evil. Should be self-aware. All things conspiracy. There are two ways. Occupiers should be judged on the basis of good and evil. Don't be greedy. Mostly worry first and then joy.

Marriage: should be judged.
Son: It is advisable to ask for a heir.
Diseases: do not prevent.
Litigation: The main culprit. Good luck. Fang Ji.
Seeking money: unsuccessful. Currently unable to do so.
Fame: At first attempt. Shown later. At first, I didn't have much hope. Continue to work hard to get a good performance next time.
Fortune: At present, the fortune is still in the balance, and the fortune and misfortune are all caused by people.

This conspiracy is a conspiracy. If God does not tell the law, it should be released in advance. It's just that there is no luck or misfortune, it is all judged by good and evil. Good deeds are well deserved. What you do is well deserved. A chance of misfortune. People know it. Will seek fortune and avoid misfortune. Don't be in a hurry to get rid of evil and move to good.
Law text. Punishment too. Three thousand. In terms of crime. Eight thousand words. life and death. The right to punish Cao. Unearthed and heard by outsiders. So how does the cloud say with you. There are those who are unknowable and knowable. It's a matter of good and evil. Good and evil are done by oneself. Then misfortune and fortune are only the ears of man. Cover everything when doing good to get rid of evil. The Holy Will is profound. People are cool.

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第七十七籤   辛庚 下下


You should properly self-reflect on the root causes of all things that happen, not just look at their outward appearance, and not lend a ready ear to slander. You need to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, and also be cautious in your words and actions, then you will naturally keep misfortune at bay and bring on good fortune. 何事も表面だけを見ず、その根源を見極めなければいけません。誹謗中傷など相手にせず、是非を弁え、言行を慎めば、災いは去り、福が到来します。

Gu Yun said: "The good is the source of happiness, and the evil is the source of misfortune." A person's reading and saving are the basics of seeking fame and fortune. If you don't have the basics, and you want to achieve fame and fortune, it will be very difficult. You should deduce the cause of the result today. Anyone who can infer this and create a good cause will eventually bear a good result.
Dongpo explained: "The source of misfortune and the accumulation of evil should be investigated. The most suitable thing is to do good things. If you are sick, you should be cautious. Don't believe what people say.
The blessing of the good. The calamity of the wicked. Book savings. Seek fame and fortune. To gain fame and fortune for nothing. Good luck and bad luck. It is difficult. Of course it should be pushed back. test its future results. So far it is good. It will be auspicious today. The present is lost. Then today's loss is also fierce. All things are. Not to be taken lightly. Not audible. Litigation is impossible. Seeking money now. Not available.
Obtaining this lottery signifies that you have tongues and you must speak carefully.

Litigation: especially caution.
Pedestrians: Not yet.
Marriage: less than ideal. Have a tongue.
Seeking money: there is nothing available at the moment.
Fame: Unsatisfactory and difficult to achieve wishes.
Fame: Bad.
Diseases: should be solved. Sacrifice disease to eliminate disaster. Be careful with misfortune and good fortune.
Everything: Don't trust people's words, you should do more inspections, and you can avoid disasters.
Fortune: prone to accidents, tongue-tied. You must only speak and act. It is advisable to endure modesty. Don't force your way out. Avoid trouble.

This ring should be given with care. Everything is considered appropriate. Find the source. Self-evident. Judge its advance and retreat. Don't listen to other people's words. Arbitrary litigation. Litigation must be followed by disaster. By now it is too late to regret. How to be careful before doing it. All matters should not be entered. It should be solved and not closed. It should be quiet and not irritable. Occupiers beware.
Wood has roots and is smooth. The water has a source and a long flow. Physics has it. The same goes for personnel. Such as goodness is the source of blessing. Benevolence is the source of longevity. Reading savings is the source of fame and fortune. Get it right and everything makes sense. Most people should study their hearts. If you go astray, you have a long mouth. Often falsely false and unbelievable. If you listen all the time. to the litigation side. Must bow to reason and left to calculus. This is the way to the end. People can be careless at the beginning.

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第七十八籤   辛辛 下下


Good or bad fortune is of your own making. If you do good deeds you will be able to attract good fortune. Conversely, if you engage in bad behavior, you will only pitch yourself into misfortune. 禍福は自らが招くものです。善に従えば福が、悪に従えば災いが齎されます。

The meaning of this sign is to make the parties concerned, remind them to have their own opinions and not just rely on family or others. In particular, don't act nonsense, extravagance and waste, if you are full, warm, lustful, and greedy for alcohol, it will lead to disaster.
Occupy this lot, the Lord has a right and wrong. Too much money is harmful to yourself, don’t ask for it in vain. You should only accumulate good and get rid of evil, and don't be greedy for money.
Although this signature family road is prosperous. Also be careful. Do not rely on the strong to bully the weak. The Lord speaks right and wrong. Too much money harms oneself. Do not beg. Only the good should be removed from the evil.

Litigation: Hugh.
Pedestrians: Not yet.
Sickness: Pray to God.
Pregnancy: giving birth to a child.
Marriage: It's not easy to be successful.
Seeking money: Don't be greedy. Wealth can harm oneself.
Fame: You will never lose your credit. Strengthen your efforts. Talent will not let you bury you. There will be a day when you will finally be able to play.
Luck: Not ideal. Beware of tongue-tied. Pay attention to your speech and manners. Be careful to avoid right and wrong naturally. Too much wealth can harm oneself and do not seek it in vain.

This sign family road although food and clothing. Be cautious. Do not rely on the strong to bully the weak. The Lord speaks right and wrong. More anti-corruption. Causing disaster. Both misfortune and fortune are sought by oneself. Can be careless.
Food and clothing people. Often ignorant of advice. The universe is standing in the belly. It is said that you have to make your own decisions. Do it if possible. Stop if you can. Don't listen to people's words lightly. Self-inflicted troubles. Too much money harms oneself. Excessive covetousness is exhausting. Blessed to have embryos. Good is also. Bad luck. Evil is also. Judge the way of good and evil. Fortunes and misfortunes are only of their own choosing. This shows people the way to seek good fortune and avoid evil.

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第七十九籤   辛壬 中平


Do everything in accordance with heavenly principles. Do not go against common sense and commit foolish acts, otherwise you will only bring misfortune upon yourself. 何事も天の理に従いましょう。道に悖り、悪事を働けば、災いを招きます。

This signed poem uses the metaphor of Xiangdi as an example to tell the parties that everything should be done according to reason, not to be self-righteous, otherwise it will suffer the consequences. Everything should be done according to the principles, not to be self-righteous, otherwise you will suffer the consequences.
As Bixian commented: "Yu Ran has a good scale. Although his scheming is clever, he can't change his plan. Ruthless and arrogant schemes are ultimately clumsy.
All matters related to this signing will proceed in a logical manner. Don't force it. Reverse disaster. Such as the ground. A dry Hailailong. Since sitting on the ridge to the afternoon is the best way. If you are prejudiced. Changed to Chougen sitting acupoint. It is the opposite of yin and yang. Wouldn't it be the fault of the door withering? In this way, it can be seen that auspiciousness can be avoided. Be careful without confusion. Since Yi Yi also destroyed.

Fame and fortune: according to reason.
Disease: choose a doctor without worry.
Litigation: Moxing.
Seeking wealth: As long as you get it in a proper way, there is no problem with making money.
Pedestrians: to. Think and rest.
Marriage: Don't talk rashly without fate.
Fortune: Usually, if you follow the good way and seek for things to go smoothly. Do not rashly force the contrary to lead to accidental disasters.

Dongpo explained: "When you set up a house and set up a tomb, you should be facing the dragon's cave. Even if the auspicious direction is bad, you will be sick. If you look to the south, you will be good, or he may not be as good as you want."
One must act according to the laws of God. Qianhai Lailong means that the northwest direction is the auspicious position, and the direction of sitting north to the south is the direction of peace and auspiciousness. If you ignore the operation of heaven and insist on moving to the northeast, it will form a right angle with the auspicious position of the northwest, which is a very unfavorable position. lossy. Good luck in Haiziwu year, but less favorable in Chouyin year.

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第八十籤   辛癸 中平


You must change to some extent as the only way you will be able to transform bad fortune to good. Do not underestimate its importance, or bear doubt in your heart. Rouse yourself to act, and your fortune will also change along with it. 変化が必要です。そうすれば禍が福に転じます。疑いを抱いたり、好い加減にしてはいけません。動いて行けば、運気も共に転じていきます。

This signed poem is based on the fact that people's graves are not safe, and they must change Yin and Yang to transfer good and bad. For example, what you do may not be in line with good causes, so you must change your actions and be positive and good, and you can change the current predicament. As Bixian commented: "There is no way to blame for misfortune and good fortune. There is a cause. Avoid asking for geography and stars. If you accumulate goodness and pray for God's blessing, the misfortune will be eliminated and the blessing will be restored."

Fame and fortune: It is advisable to change the picture.
Disease: should be more medical.
Litigation: Settled.
Pedestrian: Gradually return.
Fame: You have to enrich yourself to have hope.
Marriage: If the other party has no intention, they should find another partner to say kiss.
Fortune: Shangping, if things are unsatisfactory or not in line with good reasons, they must be changed. Being positive and good can change the current predicament.

This sign should avoid evil and seek good luck. That's why it's impossible to reinvent the wheel. Nor can you sit still. After a disaster for no reason. You can also do good and be blessed. Such as people's graves are not safe. The direction of yin and yang must be changed. It can turn evil into good. If you don't move. What is the reason for blessing. Why does the calamity disappear.
No official lawsuits have been filed. The door is decayed and the grave is not settled. It is due to the unfavorable feng shui of the yin and yang two houses. Change yin and yang. Change the direction of the house and the grave to move the fortune. This turns misfortune into a blessing. Don't wait for gossip. Fortunes and misfortunes move from person to person. Back to a very general and rootless theory. Must do it. See it work. Beginning to believe is to the ear of words through the ages. Hu did it without hesitation.

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