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Causes of the construction of Tanzi Tenmu Temple in Taichung

The abbot of Tianmu Palace  Xu Yuee was often ill and difficult to raise since she was a child. Later, she asked the gods for instructions from the elders, and the gods made it clear that the abbot had destiny and tasks to reincarnate. And what mission. It was not until the 29-year-old abbot asked the gods again because he fell ill again that he knew that his destiny was   Jiutian Xuannv's daughter-in-law's mission in the mortal world was to build a palace and save the world Rescue.   The Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady is   The daughter of the Supreme Mother of the Eternal Void. -136bad5cf58d_   The Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady Wants To Be For Mother bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Xu Yue'e, the daughter of the nine-day Xuannv, took up the important task of building a palace and saving people.

Since the opening of the Mandate of Heaven   The Supreme Mother of the Earth often appears to guide the abbot, and before she begins to accept a mission, she helps the abbot find a husband who can complete the mission with her (Palace Master_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Xie Guoyin), the mission started after having a pair of children. In the early stage of the mission, the abbot and the palace lord experienced family, career, economic, and other hardships, and their lives were very difficult. Even so, the abbot and The lord of the palace still insisted on carrying out the mission of building the palace. Dimu Niangniang helped the abbot find and rent a three-height courtyard in Dongbao Village to open Tianmu Hall. Carrying out the abbot's mission to help people in the world, and later helped the abbot buy a kaaba to make a temporary palace in Dongbao Village,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ At the same time, he helped the palace lord to prosper in his career, and then he helped the abbot buy palace land to donate to   Mother Earth and Goddess Jiutian Xuannv to build the Temple of Heaven, a temple for all sentient beings. With the help of all believers The Tianmu Palace has the preliminary temple hardware, but it still needs all the believers to continue to work hard to complete the task of building the palace. Only then can   the Tianmu Palace of the Dimu Niangniang and the Jiutian Xuannu Niangniang Give full play to the work of saving people in the world.

The original spirit of the Supreme Goddess of the Earth came to a two thousand-year-old temple in Chenggu County, Shaanxi Province. The Goddess of the Earth and her daughter Jiutian Xuannv went down the mountain to cross the mortal soul body (Yuanshen), the unsound or karmic use of the human world The medicine cannot be rescued. It needs the help of the righteous gods in the heaven. If there are believers who need help, such as   Mother Earth and Jiutian Xuannv will help and lead, the health will gradually improve, and the career will gradually Go smoothly, the family will be peaceful and happy, and the wish will gradually be fulfilled

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