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 Tenmu Palace Management Committee 

The management committee of the Dimu Temple of Taichung Tenmu Palace is elected by the representatives of the believers. Those who join the Tenmu Temple believers have no geographical or nationality or religious restrictions, but must be at least 18 years old and have no criminal or civil criminal record. Good character and selfless dedication People. The qualifications for management are those who have long-term selfless dedication to the temple. The management committee elected by Tenmu Palace will never allow underworld elements and people who take advantage of the power or the reputation of the temple for personal gain.

Because Taichung Tenmu Temple is a public welfare temple, in addition to the good believers in the community and various places, there are many successful entrepreneurs and returned scholars. All the believers selflessly donate money and time to contribute to the good side of society. .

  Tenmu Palace Years 2022 Committee List 
 Certificate of management of successive directors of Tenmu Palace 
 109年10月12日 刀山劍靈  
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