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Taichung Tianmu Temple and Dimu Temple will be held for three consecutive days starting from October 16th of the lunar calendar.

The construction of the new temple is completed and the first installation of the lantern of peace and wealth is blessed by the three-day puja. The divine light is extraordinary.


The Ping An Wealth Lamp represents light, hope, peace, wisdom, wealth and interests.

The lamp represents the instant life of the stars. "Taoism believes that only stars are eternal and undiminished life. Lamps are a gift from God. They can eliminate the horrors and threats of darkness, and guide them to avoid stray disasters. A single lamp can break through a thousand years of darkness. , according to the micro three thousand are bright.The peace lamp is a wish to the gods, hoping that the light of the gods will come, make everything happy, and bring blessings and longevity to the elderly.Make money for yourself.


Taichung Tianmu Temple Dimu Temple Fire Ceremony Ping An Caili Lantern Lighting Time: From October 18, 111 to December 12, 112.

The total number of Ping An Caili lamps is 125. The number of open subscriptions is 50. One person can only subscribe for one lamp. After the total number of lamps for the fire ceremony is completed, no additional lamps will be added.

Subscription method: 1. Online subscription credit card payment or bank transfer payment is confirmed.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  2. Purchase in person or with a friend at Tanzi Tianmu Temple in Taichung. 

Andeng procedure: Tianmu Palace will write the subscriber's name on the Ping An Caili lantern. Before the ceremony, hang the lamp on the top of the porch in front of the door. And worship the name and address of the person who sparsely light the lamp in the sky. The lamp man has the light of the Buddha, making everything happy, adding blessings, longevity and wealth.  

Taichung Tianmu Temple Peace and Wealth Lamp

SKU: tenmu20220031
  • The subscribed Ping An Caili lantern will be hung above the porch of the Dimu Temple before the ceremony of setting the fire and will not be returned to the subscriber. The Ping An Caili lantern will be lit for many years. As one wishes.

  • This subscription is non-refundable after payment is made.

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