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At the time of the early winter of Renyin, the Tianmu Palace was set on fire. 

Taichung Tianmu Temple Dimu Temple sits under the golden dragon vein of Xintian Mountain. Because it is located in the golden dragon cave, the newly built temple Anlong laying the ground must hold the rare Anjinlong ritual.

The Dharma Ceremony of Engaging the Fire and Mounting Anlong Dien Tu will be held for three consecutive days starting from October 16th of the lunar calendar. Tianmu Palace and Dimu Temple are blessed by the three-day dharma meeting of Anjinlong laying the earth for thousands of years. The golden dragon lives and protects Dimu Temple forever. Again. The believers who subscribe will be blessed by the gods and golden dragons of Tianmu Palace and Dimu Temple for many years.


The function of the golden dragon scale coin of the Anlong ground laying ceremony:

The golden dragon scale has the effect of five stars, one thousand grandchildren, one hundred thousand grandchildren, one thousand generations, one thousand generations, one thousand generations.There is also the magic power of winning Lin'er, Nongzhang Yingxi, one hundred sons and one thousand grandchildren, and eternal prosperity. also fiveBaht Tongli, Jiufu Dacai effect.

The mother of the earth said: The treasures of the earth are gathered in Hengchang, and the spirit of the mother is prosperous and prosperous for a long time. so motherCharity opens the subscription of all the good faiths of all parties, and welcomes you back to the mansion of all the trusts to help you spread the profits of the city, make money into the court, and welcome wealth.Nafu, wealth and silk filled the hall.


Dianlong Golden Dragon Scale Coins are now open for subscription. There is a limited number of subscriptions. This is the only time for thousands of years. It is an extremely rare opportunity.

A maximum of 10 subscriptions per person.

Subscription method: 1. Online subscription credit card payment or bank transfer payment. The system will confirm. Please keep the receipt.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  2. Go to Taichung Tanzi Tianmu Temple to subscribe.  and get the receipt. 

Collection method: After the ceremony of entering the fire and placing the seat, you can pick it up at the Tianmu Palace from the third day, or mail it to the address designated by the believers in the order of the order. No additional shipping fee will be charged.

Settled in the fire

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  • Golden dragon scales can be displayed in display cabinets. Or placed in cash cabinets or wallets. They can attract wealth and protect health.

  • This subscription is non-refundable after payment is made.

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