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Jiutian Suanny Goddess Sutra

​The Nine Heavens Mysterious Woman Salvation Scripture  Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady's Mantra of Treating the Heart and Eliminating Evils  Nine Heavens Mysterious Woman The original text of the true scriptures is for believers to refer to and study.

For vernacular annotations, please refer to Su Junyuan's book Jiutian Xuannv Salvation Scripture Healing the Heart and Eradicating Sins  Annotation in the vernacular of Kaizhi Zhenjing. 

Nine Heavens Mysterious Girl Salvation Scripture

Jiutian Xuannv Salvation scripture text


Nine Heavens Mysterious Girl Preface

The collection of scriptures in this book is to describe the reasons for my background and experience, as well as the truth of my experience. I am the true inheritor of the unification of the innate Tao. For more than 500,000 years, when the country's fortunes have declined, the cangli has been ruined, and the benevolent king and loyal ministers have died, I will lead the gods and soldiers, ride the auspicious clouds, and in the dark, help and eliminate violence and peace, and exorcise evil spirits. Fight against the epidemic, protect the country and the state, and practice inherent moral ethics. It is a shame that people are now apostate, the world is stealing every day, treacherous and evil are burning, and evil and vulgarity are rampant, so that the inherent way and the wind of benevolence and righteousness are becoming more and more depressed, and the saints cannot be stopped. Xuannv is kind and embracing, she will gather truth, repeatedly descend to the world, choose famous mountains and clean places, manifest and set up teachings, nothing more than to block the raging tide, sweep away the pouring wind, bad and evil customs, and restore the ancient benevolence, righteousness, filial piety, and simplicity. I am fortunate to have Kunju Penglai Xianxiang, a famous mountain and holy land, and the sons of Luanmen, who sincerely ask for the decree, send down the true scripture of salvation, become one with my Xuannv, heaven and man, widen all living beings, return to good together, board the innate light road, return the original Wouldn't it be a joy to return to the sect and realize Bodhi together! It is hoped that the true scriptures of salvation will be distributed in the four seas as soon as possible, to serve as the mainstay for the revival of inherent morality, and to be recited and practiced by the whole world. If a benevolent ruler is worshipped, the four seas will die forever; if the princes worship it, the longevity of the people of a country will be tested; if the officials worship it, the whole family will be peaceful; if the scholar and commoner worship it, the physical disaster will be eliminated; if the three religious people worship it, they will be holy, Buddha and immortal. Ten thousand people worship it, but the disease prolongs the years, and the interest is thousands of disasters and welcomes a hundred blessings, in order to maintain the prosperity of the country, the people's peace and prosperity, and the happiness and prosperity of the people, and blessings and fortunes are boundless. begging in order

Written by the real Taiyi who saves suffering


※Jiutian Xuannv Bao Gao Zhixin Refuge Ceremony (Christmas on the 10th day of the eighth lunar month)

Traveling around the sky and the earth, fierce princes, reciting the North Pole above, descending to Jiuzhou, wearing golden armor, holding a spear, hanging on a golden bun, eyes like copper spirits, beheading demons, beheadings of ghosts, God’s decree, do not stay . Mother-in-law   Jiu Dao Mu Yuan Zun   urgency is like a law. (three names)

Nine days and nine days, Xuannv is a real fairy, wearing a golden helmet, walking on a fire wheel, riding a white crane in the clouds, holding a sword and slashing goblins, and rescues the good people. Descend in person, save all people, great compassion and great wishes, great sage and great kindness, fairy palace spirit cave, show the world's salvation, mysterious pearl wonderful way, mysterious girl fairy godmother, Xingru saves the world, the great kindness (three titles)


※The opening verse

Jiutian Qingjing, towering fairy palace, benevolent and fraternal, open the gate of heaven, pity the common people, and sue for death. Chaos begins, the earth is hazy, spirits are mixed, humans and beasts are not divided, kindness spreads the rain, all things are born, Yin and Yang are established, the system determines the universe, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the blood and the blood, many diseases do not live long , teach them to cook cooked food with fire to avoid malaria or premature death. However, the evil spirits are always on the decline, disturbing the people and uneasy fighting, that is, alchemy bricks fill the gaps in the north, blocking the evil spirits from descending to nine levels, but what can I do, people are so sinister, the struggle for power and wealth is chaotic, the traitorous gangsters are rampant and rape, the kind and innocent suffer miserable disasters, and pity the common people suffer disasters. , Gathering Qunzhen in the Nine Heavens, sharing compassion to save the common people, Qunzhen sharing the heart to save the world, riding auspicious clouds to observe the great thousand, everywhere smoke barriers rush into the sky, all sentient beings create karma as heavy as a mountain, disregarding ethics and morals, striving for profit and being ungrateful, Bereavement of conscience, disloyalty and filial piety, to the point of causing disasters and calamities, but Qi turned back and asked for repentance, burned incense to repent and prayed to the heaven, and was proud of the virtues of the Yellow Emperor. The six desires have fallen and fallen, the inherent morality has been revived, and the light of the Tao will shine on Datong. For the sake of saving the world, I descended into the world, holding a sword in hand to slay evil spirits. When a loyal and righteous person encounters a disaster, I ride auspicious clouds to protect their body; a benevolent ruler and a good person will encounter a disaster, and I will protect them from the disaster. I can't protect the chaotic ministers and thieves. Be filial to your parents as a son of man, and it is not a light crime to be unfilial to your parents. Ancestral parents pass on their own, and future children and grandchildren will continue to do the same. The medicine for the family's illness must be boiled by oneself, and I have tasted it before offering to my relatives. If you want your future son to be filial, you should first be filial to your parents, and those who are not filial will repent, and they will not be a loss in this world. Don't say that good and evil have no retribution, sooner or later they will come to my side. I advise all beings to cherish the five grains, the grains are the milk of the innate mother, it is not a light sin to throw away the sins, and I know the five grains are the treasures for life, three meals a day cannot be left, let your golden pills become immortals and Buddhas. Little, once there is no grain and no relatives, throwing away is like an unfilial son, cherishing grain is like filial piety to parents, ancient and modern blood is supported by this, otherwise that person will be born, no matter the five grains, the sky will be angry, and will suffer from hunger and poverty. Persuade all living beings to cherish the words, Cang (Cang) Jie Kong Confucian meritorious deeds, is like the sun and the moon, the classics of the five religions are accomplished, cherish the holy words for human beings, ignorant fools practice handwriting, no respect for ignorant conscience, no reading fools It's still okay, the most hated scholar of Confucianism, trampling on the words and writing against the sky and the earth, the crime against the sky and the earth is unbearable. You are not afraid of your parents, parents, and teachers. You are a scholar in the world in vain. When you see my true scriptures, you can quickly change them, and you can avoid the anger of the sages in heaven and earth. From now on, I will cherish the foundation of the word, and God will protect your name. I persuade all living beings to protect their own bodies. The first thing to do is to abstain from all kinds of evil and sexual misconduct, but you can use fakes to cultivate your true self. Let’s take a look at the mad and prostitutes of ancient and modern times, and their lives will be wiped out. The king of Yoo favored the concubine, and the feudal lords perished in the soup. So did the king of Wu, the king of You. Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu were killed because of the death of Chan. He was greedy and greedy and lost his life. A soul is a congenital thing with a true nature. The body is dynamic and still. It is a spirit. The enlightened person cultivates and cultivates it. Becomes an immortal, becomes a Buddha, and becomes a reality. A true spirit becomes a golden tower. It protects the country and protects the people. , Wine, color, wealth and energy are treasures, six desires and seven emotions are obsessed with the true nature, forgetting the innate spirituality. I am now pointing the way to Lingshan, but I have carefully searched for it in the scriptures. Willing to take refuge in the ritual, great compassion, great wishes, great sage and great mercy.

Jiutian Xuannv merciful salvation of the world, blessing and forgiveness of sins


The Virtuous Heaven praised:

Jiutian Xuannv has a lot of merit and virtue, saved the world through calamities and descended to the ninth level, eliminated traitors, protected Renjun, disobedient ministers and sons were miserable, died in the prison cage of the Yin Division, sighed at the nobles, ungrateful and ungrateful to betray the sages, obsessed with wine and sex like crazy. After listening to the scriptures, I repent, and honor my parents and honor the sages. Don't be greedy for wine, don't be greedy for money, always keep your qi in your arms, still have greed, hatred, infatuation, love and desire, and let you repent in vain.   Xuannv saves the world and writes the true scriptures, kindly protects the country and benefit the people, loyal ministers and filial sons pray and pray, and immediately descend on the altar on auspicious clouds. When a filial son recites this sutra, his parents will grow older; if his family recites this sutra, his family will be safe; if a pedestrian recites this sutra, the road will be peaceful; if a boat wears this sutra, the waves will be level; If you recite this sutra, the road will be prosperous; if a woman recites this sutra, she will give birth to unicorns; if she recites this sutra for a deceased parent, the Nine Profound Seven Patriarchs will be elevated. But if you do what you want, don't disobey your heart or disobey it. If you do something reckless and slander it, try my sword to cut off the ruthlessness. I write the true scriptures to save the world, and to spread the people of the world in Jambu, I hope the common people will realize early, and follow my mysterious girl to return to the innate. Willing to surrender, great compassion and great hope


Guan Shengdi praised:

The true salvation of the world is rooted in benevolence;

Anbang and the country protect the benevolent ruler, and the people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The light of the sword eliminates traitors, and disobedience cannot escape misfortune.

But if you can recite the scriptures and repent, God will not repent sinners.

To support justice is the grand way of heaven, and virtue matches heaven and earth to feel the heart of heaven.

Cultivate the golden immortals through calamities, and avoid becoming mortal and falling into the dust.

Together with the Holy Buddha, Xianxian Township, and enlighten the spiritual spring to save the people.

It can cure the wonderful disease of malaria, and benefit the world.

On behalf of Tianxuanhua, the door of reformation was established, and the Zhongyong Road was restored to ZTE.

The four-dimensional and eight virtues look forward to the universe, pouring the wind into depression.

The true scripture of salvation is spread all over the world, and the light of the Tao shines on all peoples.

Ambition for life,

Great compassion and great hope


The sect master praised:

The innate great morality is boundless, spreading light in the ten directions.

Save the world through kalpas and save the maze, compassion and the Buddha hear the compassion.

Deze and Tiangong shine, and hundreds of millions of autumns show their fairyland.

Guarding the universe and casting spell rain, Cang Li is grateful to Dai Mu's grace.

I now remind all sentient beings that the great merits and deeds should not be forgotten.

Fang Fangchan taught and turned the stubborn and stubborn, and turned the fanatic and awakened.

Open halls and spread Bodhi everywhere, Zhaominkang Thailand is prosperous.

Respectfully recite the true scriptures and take refuge in the Buddha, and go to Cihang to the West together.

Confession Ceremony

Nanyan Jiutian Xuannv Mercy and Salvation Great Mercy (Three Names Nine Knocks)


King Wenxuan praised:

The fairy godmother Xuannv wrote the scriptures, defended the country and benefited the people, her merits matched the world, and she saved the world from the maze. Zhang Siwei, who holds Taoism, is a true biography of Confucianism, and has eight virtues. The recitation of the scriptures stuns the spirits and ghosts, eliminates disasters and relieves Erxi Zhenxiang. Confession Ceremony

Xuanzhu Miaodao Xuannv Fairy kindly saves the hardships and saves the world's great kindness (three names and nine knocks)


Emperor Zitong (child) praised:

The merits and virtues of the true scriptures are immeasurable, the whole sky is full of truth, all demons and beasts bow their heads, all kinds of ghosts are hidden, thousands of auspicious lights shine, and thousands of layers of evil are empty. The sound of the scriptures is satirically recited, the people are well-off, the national fortunes are prosperous, the young children of the group follow the scriptures, the whole world is auspicious, the merits and virtues of the salvation scriptures are discussed, and the diligent satirical recitations are lost. Confession Ceremony

Jiutian Xuannv's kindness teaches the world's great kindness (three names and nine knocks)


※ Receipt of verses

The disciples chanted the scriptures, recited the high truth in pairs, merciful to save the world, sympathetic to the common people, merciful to enlighten the Datong, interpret the teachings to save sentient beings, and diligently resolve the confusion. The chanting is over, bowing your head and giving thanks

Wuji Saints Tai Ci Zun (Three Names Nine Knocks)

Nine Heavens Mysterious Girlcure the heartcanon

Jiutian Xuannv cures the heart and eliminates sins

※ Respectfully invite Jiutian Xuannv Baogao

The Confession of Ambition (Three Names)

The congenital goddess, the immortal aunt in the previous world, with a solemn and wonderful appearance, often appears in the Saha world. A pure Dharma body, early to the Brahma Temple Langhuan. Xuandu Tianjie is made of jade waist gold, Yuan Qiao square pot, steamed sand and boiled stone. Unleash the divine light of Promise, illuminating all living beings; mobilize the Dao Qi of Xuanyuan, and transform it into all things. The merits go down to the present and the ancients, virtue matches the universe, ranks in the nine heavens, the cardinal in charge of good fortune; well-informed in the three realms, the command of Si Lei Ting. The compassion is vast and the changes are endless. Holding the sword, he slays the demon king under the bucket wall; steps on the golden lotus, and faces the Virgin in the Yaoque.

Hongci Hongyuan is the most obvious and spiritual nine-day mysterious girl Wuji Yuanjun (three titles)


※Recite the Jiutian Xuannv's Heart and Evil Sutra

※The opening verse

The Promise Three Thousand Realms, Xuan Yuan Yun Hua Gong.

The Tao is high in the previous world, and the wonderful image is now in the Yao Palace.

*Kai Jing Zan

The incense of the burner is hot, and it penetrates for nine days, and the auspicious atmosphere surrounds the front (the palace altar hall). I beg Gao Zhenqian, to save the good fortune, and to eliminate evil and treat the heart. convert

Jiutian Xuannv Wuji Yuanjun (three titles)


At that time, Yuan Jun said: "The human heart is only dangerous, and the Tao's heart is only weak. Who is at risk? The human mind prevails, and the Tao mind is disturbed by it. What is the micro? The Dao heart is lost, and the human heart perishes because of the shackles. Therefore, the human mind desires self-cultivation and self-examination, and does not have any distractions. There are many people who learn the Tao, but few who know it. The Tao of Tao is not what I call Tao. The name of cultivating Dao, the truth of ignorance of Dao, this is the way to learn Dao, how many people are not apostate? Alas! At present, the Dao is not heard by people, but the reason is that the human mind uses things, but the Dao mind has no authority. Which? Destroying grievances, the four ends arise one after another, and the heart of the mind is driven by fiery, and the mind of the Tao is caused by ignorance. Those who overcome are called victorious. People especially suffer from being willing to give up violently, those who are self-violent are insufficient and have words; those who abandon themselves are insufficient and promising. If you can have the heart of self-victory, you can fight for victory in the realm of heaven and man, you can rely on the expansion of blessings, and you can achieve victory in the middle of overcoming. If the Nai Hao character is not removed, he will be angrily to fight for victory, and those who fight will lose their originality. And anger to seek victory, what you seek has nothing to do with the aggregate. This is what the little husband did, and he is not a person in my way. The slasher is said to boast. Ancient   Great Yu is not shy and does not cut down, the balance is perfect, the great achievements of the ancients have been built, and the good words are still worshipped. To be holy is to be holy. And also, the Holy Gate   Yanzi, no cut good, no servitude. For those who are good, what should be done according to their nature, there is what they can do; those who work hard, what should be done, what should be done. The square is whether there is or not, the real is empty, the scooping is not enough, and the reason is that it is restored to the holy, and it does not violate the three months, and one room does not reach the ear. He is like the queen of the army, called the palace, defending the lives of the three armies, and becoming a general. The general who descended and the big tree was still very arrogant. I might ask the slasher, what was the merit of the slash? Is there an extraordinary achievement? Is there a great achievement? Does it have infinite power? In ancient times, the sages and sages did not dare to cut down on their merits, but when they saw the frogs, they were arrogant. Resentment is special, and it is not worthwhile. A gentleman walks in a position of nobility, and does not complain about heaven above, and does not specialize in people below. What? For a lifetime of resentment, luck will prevail, but deceit will prevail; scrutiny will prevail, and treacherous will prevail; and slander will prevail, but slander will prevail. What can God complain about? And the obvious way is only clear, and the sky does not hold grudges. Can people complain? And the public evaluation tool is there, and people will not hold grudges. Ertu complains and loses his heart, and his heart grows tired; Fear of resentment leads to blame, resentment leads to sin. You will suffer from strange poverty and strange misfortune with resentment. Three hundred poems, gentle and honest, resentful but not angry, won the purpose of peace. On reading and not reading, when I was a child, I first entered the school. Have you ever read Fengshi and Yi? Desire to be tired of love. Those who are greedy fall in love with what they desire, and greedy for birth; those who are greedy, flick away what they desire, and arouse their anger; those who are delusional focus on their desires and become delusional; those who love, indulge in their desires and never return. Reason and desire cannot be at odds with each other, and if desire prevails, reason perishes. Those who study Confucianism use self-restraint and return to propriety for the sake of dispelling selfishness; those who study Buddhism use the pure root to realize fruition and enter into meditation; those who study Taoism use the ability to break obstacles and eliminate demons, and see nature for the sake of clear mind. If the word of desire is not broken, the three teachings will not be able to start. Sounds, sex, goods and profits, day after day in the field of expedition; If this is the case, he is a clever man who has no use for shame, and he who is a walker of piercing, is almost not ashamed. Since I set up the raft, I have nothing but the sage class, the immortal Buddha and the hoof, and have a deep hope in the world. I am especially condescending to be contemptuous of myself. The name. Dao in what way? It is removing its people's heart and keeping its Tao's heart. Those with a human heart can defeat what they see, and those with a Taoist heart have both benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom.


The verse says:

Be wary of accuracy in the morning and evening

Legislation to save people and worship Taoism

Yuanjun said: Those who have no intentions are called faults, and those who have intentions are called evils. Passing comes from ignorance, and evil comes from relying on something. Therefore, if there has been a mistake, allow him to reform himself, and the rules of repentance are free; if he does evil, he will be punished, and the law of mischief and sexual misconduct will not be eased. If you want it, God takes the good of life as its heart, how can you give birth to it and kill it instead? The book says: God's sins can still be violated; self-made sins cannot be ignored. It is not God's desire to kill people, but real people do it by themselves. Evil is the accumulation of evil. If the wickedness of the parents is not severe, the sins will not be heavy, and people will suffer, and they will cause their own sins, or repay them to themselves, or repay their grandchildren. As a result, suffering from swords and soldiers, suffering from water and fire, and suffering from epidemics, not only is it difficult to protect one's body, but also the descendants are burdened. Yi said: Accumulate a family that is not good, and there will be more disasters. If the narrowness is not exhausted, it will not be prosperous, which can be said to be too much. And everyone has a conscience, and each has a nature and reason, and there is no one who clearly knows what is evil, and therefore dances it. There is nothing in the heart of money and profit, and in the heart of sound and color, so there is no end to the turbulence and turbulence. The idea of greed and smell overcomes it, and the idea of infatuation overcomes it, so it is upside down and obsessed with ignorance. In this case, greed and cruelty are drenched in cruelty, and it is the evil of ripping off; lewdness is drenched in lust, and it is the evil of treason; And also, arrogance is very cruel, and tyranny is evil, cruel, and dangerous and poisonous; pouring thin, deceitful and deceitful; treason is very bad, and swallowing is evil. Even if one is unfaithful and unfilial, the root evil is a great evil, and the heart is unforgivable, then it is not enough to say. Alas! And under the three generations, the world is getting worse, and people's hearts are not ancient. Although it is said that the sports will be the case, the human affairs cannot be without responsibility, and most of them are habit and nature. The days of being close to the gentleman are few, and the days of kissing the villain are many.

Confucius said: Living in a group all day long, words are beyond righteousness, good deeds Xiaohui. I feel that I have no other person, I haven't heard good words, I haven't seen good deeds, and those who have been infected are nothing but evil. Evil is accomplished by those who do not know themselves, and evil is accomplished by those who do not examine themselves. Today, I try to hold people and say: If you say something is evil, if you do something, it is evil. There is no one who is not angry or angry. Who knows that you don't think you are evil, but the evil is deep. For example, the poison of the chestnut is in the lungs and guts; it is like the stench of abalone, which is accustomed to the mouth and nose, unconsciously, the accumulation of evil is evil, and the accumulation of evil is disaster. Yang causes Wang Zhang, yin suffers from underworld condemnation. Gao Ming's house, the ghost overlooks his room. Wouldn't there be no mansions and splendid houses that would no longer pass and become ruins; wouldn't there be no bells and cauldrons that would no longer be passed on and replaced. In this world, there are only dozens of colds and summers. Why don't you go back and think about yourself, instead of suffering for evil, and for good for good. There is no such thing as good or bad, only people call, there is a cloud in the sky, and the reason for the induction is clear. Although you are skillful in calculating, how can you be like the calculation of the holy Buddha, and every millisecond is not wrong; although you are skilled in measuring, how can you be like the amount of the holy Buddha, supplementing and deducting? People can be deceived, but how can God be deceived? Man can take it, but how can heaven take it? Let each one be conscientious in nature, keep his nature and rationality, and do not be tempted by emotion or be moved by things. The spirit of Pingdan will not be lost; the god of house leakage should not be condemned. Do not take small evils as harmless, then punish small ones with great sincerity. Put down the slaughtering knife and stand on the ground to realize Buddhahood, how could the heavens abandon the people and refuse it, it is still a matter of what they know and think about.


The verse says:

Heaven and Earth are connected by road  

It is better to do evil than to accumulate virtue 

Yuanjun said again: Those who have no intentions are called transgressions; those who have intentions are called evils. How long have you been with the evil agent? There is only one ear to contend for. People can not escape from doing wrong? Say a word, and it will be overwhelmed when you pass it, so it is important to guard your mouth; if you do something, you will take advantage of it when you pass it, so it is worthwhile to guard your body. If a word is not checked in time, it is because of unconsciousness; if something is not in time, it is because of not knowing. If you have seen the knowledge of benevolence, you may not ignore its traces and forgive its heart. The mind, if there is no other, then the mouth has faults, and the mind can be made clear; the heart, if there are no two, then the body has faults, and the mind can be forgiven. Be cautious not to see, not to hear with fear, to be careful and careful, and to be careful not to go to the smallest to the hidden place, and to inspect deeply. When one speaks, it is far-reaching; when one acts, it is lost. However, this is the way of the gentleman, not the generalization of the world. Don't ask him to be free of faults, but only ask him to be able to forgive his mistakes; don't ask him to be less wrong, but only ask him to repent; don't ask him to repent, but only ask him to correct his mistakes. Knowing that you have repented and repenting, knowing that you have repented and having few wrongs, knowing that you have few wrongs but not having any wrongs, and being reassured for a few times, it is difficult to seek easy things.

Confucius said: If you have made a mistake without changing it, you have passed it. How can those who look to the world be frightened? How to specify? If you have a fault with your mouth, and you know it when you change it, you should not follow your husband's previous mistakes; if you have a fault with your body, but you will realize it later, you should not let your husband go astray. Note can not be remonstrance, come still can be chased. Keep your mouth like a bottle, for fear that it will overflow easily; hold your body like jade, for fear that it will become stained and difficult to wear. First, be careful not to let it grow in the dark before you have it; and to punish the past, not to let it grow in clusters. If it is, repentance is the key, because repentance is known, and repentance asks for widowhood. If this is the case, there will be no faults, and if you dare not speak, there will be no major faults. Otherwise, the ignorant person does not care about himself, but he who is stubborn and self-righteous, sees clearly as wrong, and insists on acting alone. Or disguise it as a worker, knowing it is too much, and worrying about it unpredictably. Therefore, there are those who protect their faults and taboo their faults, and there is no one who does not write about them. The villain is afraid of accustomed to nature, and the wave will not know it too much. If you don't know what is wrong, it will get deeper and deeper; if you don't see it, it will become more and more accumulated. The excess is deep and the excess is accumulated. It will not be called excess, but directly called evil. Without him, there is no intention to have a heart, and it is inevitable to distinguish it early. Appeal! Since it is called evil, it means that it is caused by sin, and it is blamed for it. The recent reward is in oneself, and the distant reward is in the children and grandchildren. It's a pity that it only starts from the slightest trace! How can it be unreasonable!

The verse says:

Holy Buddha is compassionate and kind

Genuine scriptures lead the way and elegant short  Table Yuzheng Regulation

The book goes: The teacher of virtue is impermanent, and the master is good as a teacher. The most important thing is to say good deeds. When you say a word, you must say good words, but it is the same as when you say it. When you do something, you must say good deeds. If you speak kind words, you will know their sincerity and falsehood, and if you talk about the virtues, you will be judged accordingly; if you do good deeds, you will be safe in knowing the truth and truth, and you will be righteous and seek profits. This knowledge is good, but it is not enough to support it; although things are good, it is not enough to rely on. Always have a good heart, if there is something to say, there is no evil, that is, if there is no word, but all good opportunities are hidden; always have a good heart, when there is something, there is no evil, that is, there is nothing wrong, and good thoughts are all firm arrows. The reason is to say good things, to do good things, and to have good intentions. Since the recent times, the Games have been declining, and Xi has become more and more down. The most important thing is to restore the heart of heaven and cultivate the heart. Heaven's determination can conquer man, and man's determination can also conquer heaven. When people have bad thoughts every day, they respond to them with malice. When the rain falls, they become precious, and they think that the sky is sending wickedness. In fact, they are called by people; When the time comes, the omens are abundance, and it is thought that the heaven will bring harmony, but in fact it is the feeling of the human heart. Righteousness comes from sincerity, sincerity comes from prudence and loneliness, and therefore caution comes from what one does not see and fear from what one does not hear. The original purpose is to keep this mind still, restrain it silently, and persevere in this mind. What is the rest? Raise his mind in Pingdan, and hope that this mind will keep its goodness; what is the one who is silent? Consolidate his mind in the clear night, and hope that this mind will expand its goodness; who insists? Hold their mind in the dark room, and hope that this mind will store its goodness. The history of Confucianism is practiced from the real; the Taoist mystical work is practiced from a quiet place; the emptiness of Buddhism is practiced from the empty place. After all, they all work hard in their hearts, and they want nothing less than goodness in their hearts. Confucianism says that the heart is right, and the heart is good, the heart is right; Taoism is that the heart is pure, the heart is good, the heart is pure, and the mind is guarding. The three teachings are self-governing, and the principles are the same. For the people of the world, there is no need to say that they are virtuous and holy, and they do not need to say that they are immortals and Buddhas.

I am only amazed at the harmony of heaven and cultivate human affairs, and always accumulate kindness from time to time. In speaking, there is nothing unwholesome, and the voice of the person who speaks is the voice of the heart; also in doing it, there is nothing unwholesome, and the person who does it is the expression of the heart. If it is excellent and wandering, it is said to enjoy the blessing of peace, and it is not a joy.

The test said:

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Treating the Heart and Eliminating Evils

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Treating the Heart and Eliminating Evils 

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Treating the Heart and Eradicating Sin

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Healing the Heart and Eliminating Sin

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Healing the Heart and Eliminating Sins

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Treating the Heart and Eliminating Sins  Zen meditation late at night

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Healing the Heart and Eliminating Evils 

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Treating the Heart and Eliminating Sins  Guotai Min Anqing Taiping

Sincerely recite the Sutra of Treating the Heart and Eliminating Evil

* Complete praise

Treating the heart and eliminating evil, longevity and longevity, the blessings are boundless, and the auspiciousness reflects the golden lotus. Respectfully send for nine days, to save the world and the ship of mercy.


Jiutian Xuannv Wuji Yuanjun (three titles)

nine daysKaizhicanon

Jiutian Xuannv Qizhi Zhenjing text


Diligence and Frugality Chapter 1


The rise and fall of the way of the husband's family is like the extinguishing of the light of a lamp. Family life, not diligent and thrifty; lights, not adding fuel to the unknown. Good management is the source of prosperity; good diligence and thrift are the foundation of family prosperity.

Gu Yun: "The sky is unpredictable, and people have disasters and blessings." He also said: "Flowers do not have a hundred days of red, and people do not have a thousand days of good." From this, we can see that life's journey will inevitably encounter accidents, disasters, disasters, and so on. Just in case, you should know that you are diligent and thrifty in your life and save for unexpected needs.

The ancient saying goes: "Great wealth comes from the destiny, and small wealth comes from diligence and frugality." Keen on diligence, still respects frugality; only diligent, but not thrifty, eventually because of extravagance and waste, so that frugality is useless.

Diligent, upright and faithful, valuing righteousness and benevolence, working at the sunrise, and breathing every day. If you don't move, you must get up early, don't indulge in prostitution, gambling and drinking. If you treat people with loyalty, you will not succeed; if you are diligent in life, you will be fine in business. To endure hardship to fulfill one's duties, to be diligent and frugal to maintain integrity, is the principle of life; to be diligent in learning and to have broad knowledge, to guard against arrogance and to be authentic, is the way of self-cultivation. If you start a family with harshness, you will never enjoy it for a long time; if you get rich by luck, you will die.

Don't do what is wrong, and don't do what is wrong. Exhausted their hard work and sweat to create their own happy future. Loving labor is the so-called diligence.

Those who are frugal, self-discipline is prudent, and hold the heart of love. No luxury but waste, no hobby to need more. Vegetables are used to express their ambitions, and coarse clothes are used to keep themselves safe. Cherish money and use waste. Useless expenses are not used, save the virtues to waste. Don't be extravagant, don't waste, know that it's hard to come by, and cherish money and material things.

Chong diligence and frugality, can make a good living; cherish wealth to prevent hunger and cold. If the rich are luxurious, they will not be rich for a long time; if the poor are not diligent and thrifty, they will be poor forever.

A wealthy family in the modern world, killing people, living in tall buildings, rich in food, making friends and spending money. When you treat relatives and guests, you don’t hesitate to pay for your wealth, and you don’t know how hard it is to get it. How can you enjoy long-term happiness?

Without knowing diligence and thrift, it leads to a secret discount. Either repay the poverty of the descendants, or repay the hardships in the next life. People without far-sightedness will have immediate worries; if things are prevented, there will be no future troubles.

A poor family is easy to start a family and a business, and it is mostly due to diligence and thrift savings; a rich person is easy to go bankrupt, all of which are caused by extravagance and waste. Eat enough to eat, don't be too rich; don't over-dress with clothes that cover your body.

If a person has no savings, once he is in trouble, his family has no money, and there is no way to borrow money. It is like a fish without water, unable to move an inch, unable to live, unable to die, and it is too late to repent. Gu Yun: "Accumulate grains to prevent hunger." This is indeed the truth.


Retribution for Good and Evil Chapter 2

Rise and fall, gain and lose, there is no difference in the cycle of retribution; the life and death of the noble and the low, the cycle of life and death is fixed. Human beings have a heart of good and evil, and there is no reason for God to repay them.

What is good is the principle of heaven, and when the principle of heaven exists, people want to reduce it; the evil thing is that people want to be, and people want to be born, then the principle of heaven is weak. The Tao of Heaven is blessed with good and evil.

Goodness is the road to good fortune, do good deeds at all times, do not seek blessings, but the blessings come naturally; evil is the road to misfortune, do evil all the time, do not cause disasters, and disasters come naturally. The so-called good people bring good luck, and the evil people bring disaster.

The good go to heaven, the bad go to hell. In the yang world, people are not good, and the yin is in hell. To get out of samsara, you must first do good deeds.

The nature is compassionate, pity the poor and help the poor; Give tea and medicine, build bridges and roads, renovate temples, print and send scriptures. Full loyalty and full filial piety, integrity and festival. Cultivating the virtue of life and abstaining from killing.

Body of heaven and Tao, preaching merits and demerits to persuade others; upholding virtue and virtue, saying cause and effect to transcend the masses. Seeing people do evil and checking their own faults will prevent you from making mistakes; if you are happy with others, you should diligently work on your own merits, and you will be successful.

Those who make a family with good prosper, those who become rich with evil lose. For good, the family will prosper; for evil, the descendants will perish. Good fortune is recruited by virtue, and evil is accumulated by evil. Therefore, a family that accumulates virtue must have a surplus of happiness; and a person who is evil will inevitably be free from disasters. Don't commit it again, and don't repeat the evil; the sea of suffering is endless, and turning back is the shore.

Born in a wealthy family, rich in clothing, delicious food, disease-free and longevity, all of them were cultivated in previous lives and received good rewards; poor people in this life have no skills to make a living, and disasters often invade them. Destiny, rich and poor.

If you love your descendants, you must accumulate virtue; if you wish to enjoy glory, you should know how to make merit. For good and good luck, repay oneself in the morning, but repay the descendants late; do evil and bring misfortune, repay oneself in a small way, and repay the whole family in a big way. The retribution is obvious, and it is not happy at all;

The ancients said: "Grow melons and reap melons, and sow beans and reap beans; kill to pay for your life, and pay your debts." This is the principle of permanence. No luck or misfortune, it's up to people.

Rich people are obsessed with wine and wine every day, and poor people are obsessed with profit and wealth. If you do not do the right thing, you will always think about the unjust wealth; if you take the right reason, you will obey the laws of heaven, and you will deceive people and violate the hadith.

He has practiced the ways of robbery and adultery, and he often commits fraud, robbery and murder. Not afraid of anger and resentment, only know that the body is happy and the family is honored. People like this do not know how to look back, and it is inevitable that disasters will come, and if they are serious, the family will be destroyed.

The wickedness is full and the body perishes, and the sin is so wicked that it perishes. Yang law can escape, yin punishment is inevitable. On the stage of evil mirror, it is too late to repent; in the prison of sin, it is too late to return to my heart. Once you make a mistake, it will become a hatred for thousands of years; knowing that you will turn back is the luck of the three lives.


The third chapter of liberation from catastrophe

Heaven spreads unrighteous qi and inflicts calamities on people, so one should know to change the evil and turn it into good; when people suffer from innocent disasters, they should be punished by Heaven, and even more should abstain from killing and release life. Helpless, those who are delusional do not realize it, and they act rashly in violation of the law of heaven;

For lovers, rich and glorious, but fans are originally innate spirituality. Passionate and greedy. Because of the greed for fame and wealth in the world, the loss of inherent moral spirit, and the struggle for fame and fortune, when can you give up your desires?

All disasters and disasters are caused by the sins of the world; water, fire, swords and soldiers are all caused by the evil of the human heart. All disasters and calamities are created by the mind, without knowing the door to liberation. Suffering is endless, it is really sad.

If you want the world to be peaceful and peaceful, all living beings will have no evil deeds; if you want the population to be peaceful, Li Shu should have good deeds. If one's intention is to establish virtue, but the will of the gods, the plague will self-extinguish; if one's heart is to do good, but the heart of heaven will be self-dissolved.

If it is beneficial to people, don't say good things are small and do not do them; if they are harmful to the world, don't say evil things are small and can be done. A family that accumulates good, auspicious stars shine; for those who are evil, evil will come.

To escape disaster, one must do good deeds. Follow the plan of the sages and obey the principles of heaven and earth. Show great compassion, save others and yourself; make great wishes, help the poor and needy. If you can know and repent of your past mistakes, you will surely be forgiven by God, and you will be able to liberate yourself from disasters.

All beings in the world are sentient beings. Human beings have feelings and desires. When lust is attached to the heart, it will startle the spirit; when the spirit is startled, troubles will arise; when troubles arise, it will consume the spirit; when the spirit is consumed, the body will decline; Robbery also. The natural disasters and calamities suffered by the human body are all caused by the evil of the human heart.

All sentient beings have a bad heart, which leads to hostility, which fills the universe, and the doubts persist, either in the mountains or in the city. When the situation changes, it will be a disaster of wind and water; when the weather is unfavorable, it will be plagued by epidemics; when it is in troubled times, it will be a disaster of swords and soldiers; when the seasons are not adjusted, it will be a disaster of drought. People have the heart to do something wrong, and there is no reason why God will not return it.

Science is prosperous, and the more prosperous, the more evil people's hearts; Ouch! In the end of the chaotic world, there is no one who knows how to cultivate and liberate, and it is impossible to escape the catastrophe. The world is declining, people are sinister, and under the three lights of the day, they are not afraid of sin and chaos.

At that time, in the world of five turbidities, he did not know how to cultivate merit and virtue. The accumulation of sin is like a mountain, and the guilt is like a sea. Therefore, natural disasters and calamities can always be avoided.

People have kind hearts, and the heavens are all blessed; there are many sins in the world, and disasters and calamities often invade. The two paths of good and evil are brought about by people; disasters and calamities are caused by the mind. Human beings can preserve Dao and reason, and disasters and calamities are self-extinguishing.


Wealth by Righteousness Chapter 4

The money in the world is the treasure of life. Money is good for people, but it is also bad for the world. If you don't know how to use it well, its shielding is also great. Husbands and wives are for wealth, but feelings are sometimes hurt; friends are for profit, but benevolence and righteousness are exhausted. The difference between a gentleman and a villain is between righteousness and profit.

Not to mention that money can make ghosts connect with spirits, but knowing that money can ruin a family. Gu Yun: "A gentleman loves money, and he takes it in a proper way." Otherwise, it is greed for money. The greedy of money is the root of all evil.

Persuade Ershi, agriculture, industry and commerce, to stop greed for windfall money. Each does his or her job. Seek a right career in order to hope for development, do good deeds and abide by good rules. Self-satisfied with the United States, prosperity can be expected.

Between the heaven and the earth in life, the evil karma, big or small, is the most likely to commit adultery, and the second is nothing more than money. This is because lust for money is the poison of life.

Seeing wealth and forgetting righteousness, betrayal of reason and benevolence, is the guilt of a villain; open and upright, not greedy or taking, is the virtue of a gentleman. You should know how to maintain integrity with a good body, and you should have a clean heart with great benevolence. Don't be ashamed because of money, don't be humble because of profit.

There is a certain amount of wealth in the world. It is not brought in by birth, and it is not brought by death. It is something outside the body. Thousands of hectares of land, I don't know how many owners have been changed; Three inches of breath rest, everything is empty.

Those who do not dare to obtain profits are righteousness; those who do not want to take money rashly are honest. Seeing profits without compromising their righteousness, and taking profits from righteousness, conforms to the heart of heaven and earth;

Profits are obtained by righteousness, and you will enjoy endless blessings; wealth is obtained by fraud and greed, and you will definitely suffer unforeseen disasters. Is it not a sin to leave a lot of wealth to the children and grandchildren, if the children and grandchildren cannot make good use of it and create a misfortune?

The ancients said: "A man cannot be rich without windfall, and a horse cannot grow fat without night." Since ancient times, the nonsense has made the world believe it as the truth and regard it as the truth of human beings. In the society, corruption, robbery and robbery have emerged in an endless stream, resulting in social unrest and unrest in people's hearts.

Money has the power to do evil and do good. If you get it rightly, if you use it correctly, you will get a full range of blessings; if you get it unjustly and use it unkindly, it will bring disasters.

There are profiteers in the world, regardless of shame, they only focus on money, not credit. Either the fake is mixed with the real, or the cheap is expensive. Every time women and children are fooled, the village elders are also deceived. I sincerely hope that businessmen will abide by ethics. Don't cheat, don't fake, don't be greedy, don't make huge profits.

Only goodness is a treasure, and we keep promises everywhere. Buying and selling, the old man is not deceived, naturally God blesses, and the grand plan is grand. Not to mention that the yin stalls have no basis, and they run rampant at will, and they are very fortunate.


Dating Friends Chapter 5

People in the world live in society and cannot be isolated and independent. In our daily life, we must help ourselves. Friends are easy to make, and it is very difficult to choose the good. Be sincere at the beginning, and avoid regrets later.

Dating a benevolent gentleman on a blind date will surely gain the benefits of one's net worth; coexisting with gambling friends and prostitutes will eventually lead to the sadness of the end. Friendship with good people is like the fragrance of orchid, one family planted, two families fragrant; friendship with wicked people is like holding a child over a wall, one person stumbles, and two suffer.

Gu Yun said: "Those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black." Those who are close to good will bring happiness; those who are close to evil will surely suffer disaster.

With the righteous man Yaqi, we have done the right way. Integrity and honesty, emphasizing righteousness and benevolence, talking about the truth, encouraging each other and self-cultivation, sharing blessings, sharing in difficulties, persuading each other in times of trouble, helping each other in times of distress, natural virtues and careers are progressing day by day, and the family is prosperous, which is called a beneficial friend.

Interacting with debauchers, going in and out of restaurants, tea rooms, casino restaurants, or flower streets and willow alleys, regardless of the night, consumes energy, speaks rudely, acts shamelessly, deceives each other, does not save in danger, sees money and forgets righteousness, and takes money from it. Profits, so that the right career is ignored, and the parents are more worried, which is called a loss of friends.

When making friends, it is advisable not to take profit or loss, and do not make promises lightly, and cause regrets.

Make good friends to help my benevolence; Yaqi wise men, to widen my knowledge. Kindness is persuasion, but rules are ruled out, and every time you get the benefit of learning from each other. And the nobleness of its products is like chili orchid, and the taste is in harmony with each other. And the steadfastness of his heart is like a pines and cypresses, and this moral friendship is like a gentleman. The same voice corresponds to the same Tao; Support each other with urgency and urgency, don't change your mind with the details, just like the good of concentricity. Life and death care for each other, and a scholar is fatal for his confidant. This friendship of faith is like a hero.

Friendships of loyalty are like brothers and sisters. When encountering adversity, each should help each other. The kindness of helping others and the beauty of adults are urgently needed. Friendship should be made, do what you can, and don’t expect retribution. People can come here and get endless blessings.

Taoyuan's friendship will last forever, to eulogize the three saints; the bamboo forest will make an alliance, and the good stories will be passed down from time to time to pass on the seven sages.

In the world of life, make friends with caution. Friends who benefit and lose friends, you should know that choosing carefully, the common people will gain something.


full praise

May you do good deeds, accumulate Yin Gong, seek protection, and turn disasters away; cultivate cause and effect, eliminate karmic obstacles, practice convenience, and bring good luck. I respectfully invite all the real people to observe carefully, and I will bestow the clouds of mercy on the whole hall. The scriptures are consummated, the auspicious energy is condensed into the air, the fragrant flowers are invited, the fragrant flowers are sent, and the attentive delivery   The Holy Return to the Heavenly Palace.

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