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Fortune Poems Asking
Service Application

Taichung​ Tenmu Temple fortune poems asking live-online service will officially open to believers in November 2022. If believers need urgent services, please contact Tenmu Temple directly.

1. Please fill in the details in the application form below and send it

2. The staff on duty at Tenmu Temple will further confirm the details of the inquiry with you after receiving the application form.

  (If you do not receive a reply or you need urgent service, please call Tenmu Temple +1-886-4-2539-3726)

3. Believers who want to ask for a fortune poem need to make a appointment for Simultaneously watch the process and results of the poem asking from this website

4. After getting the poem number, please check the content of the poem explanation and instruction on this website. For further services, please contact Tenmu Temple front desk.

​5. The Tenmu Temple fortune poem live service is a free. Believers can donate for the service by will.

The on-line live service application form will be published before the service starts

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