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   Immortal Maiden of the Ninth Heaven 

Birthday:  February 15th of the Lunar Calendar


The Jutian Suanny Goddess is commonly known as the Nine Heavens Profound Goddess or the Nine Heavens Empress, Lianli Ma, the Nine Heavens Mother, the Wuji Mother, and the Phoenix Mother. The Nine Heavens Profound Girl has a very lofty position among Chinese Taoism and folk beliefs. The Nine Heavens Profound Girl is an innate true fairy and an ancient goddess. He is proficient in the ways of heaven and earth, the strategy of yin and yang, is still good at the art of war, and represents the god of justice. He has authored several volumes of "Book of Heaven".


The "Suanny Art of War" records: "The queen mother sent her envoy to Xuan Zhiqiu, and he was awarded the emperor with a talisman. The Fu Guang is three inches long, one foot long, green like jade, and a bird's body. The emperor gave the emperor the yin and yang strategy of the three palaces and five meanings, the tactics of Taiyi's escape from Jia Liuren's step, the opportunity of yin talismans, and the text of lingbao five talismans and five victories, so that Chiyou was restrained in Zhongji." Xishan Jing says: "There is a bird yan, which looks like an owl with a human face."


According to the record of Sui Shu, in the Spring and Autumn Period, King Wu was innocent, and Emperor Jade Emperor couldn't stand what King Wu did, so he sent Suanny to the world to help Yue Kingdom repel Wu Kingdom. Suanny took the order of the Jade Emperor and turned into a virgin of Nanshan. She was hired by the Yue country to become the national teacher of the Yue country, and she was in charge of six thousand gentlemen and teachers. Later, under the guidance of Suanny, the army of six thousand gentlemen was invincible in the Wuyue War, and finally defeated the State of Wu and fought back. After the war, the Nanshan virgin retreated without seeing her whereabouts. After that, King Yue ruled Jiangdong. In order to commemorate this meritorious mysterious girl, a fairy shrine was built on Nanshan Mountain, which was worshipped at every age.


It is written in "Water Margin" (Han Dao Village receives three volumes of the book Song Gongming meets Jiu Tian Xuan Nu in the 41st chapter) that Song Jiang was chased by officers and soldiers, hiding in Jiu Tian Xuan Nu Temple and was rescued, and obtained three from Xuan Nu. Volume of military books. It describes the appearance of the Nine Heavens Profound Girl, who has completely transformed from the image of a human head and bird body into a goddess with peerless beauty.


The head sash is a long-sleeved phoenix bun, and is wearing a golden silk garland.

Lantian jade belt drags long sleeves, and white jade Guizhang holds colorful sleeves.

The face is like a lotus calyx, the natural eyebrows are reflected in the clouds; the lips are like cherries, and the snowy body is free of scale.

Like a queen mother feasting a flat peach, but like Chang'e living in the moon hall.

If Zhengda's immortal face cannot be described, it is difficult to paint a majestic image.



The Nine Heavens Profound Girl Empress has three truths:

"Salvation"  Advise people to be loyal to their parents, cherish the grains, cherish the words, and refrain from adultery  Alcohol and wealth

"Treatment of the Heart and Elimination of Evil" teaches people to suppress resentment, so that people's hearts will not be ambiguous.  Breaking the barriers and removing demons and understanding the mind

"Qizhi Zhenjing" teaches people to be diligent and thrifty to become a family, good and evil have retribution, accumulate virtue, eliminate disasters and take money, need to be righteous, make friends, be cautious, and wisdom can be turned on


In the "Salvation True Scripture", the Nine Heavens Profound Girl Empress's preface: "  I am the true inheritance of the unification of the Xian Dao. For more than half a million years, when the fortune of the country has been declining, and the loyalists of the benevolent and loyalists have been killed. , To protect the country and the country, to practice inherent morality. "Nowadays, people are guilty of virtue, and Xuan-nv is benevolent. She gathers truth and descends to the world repeatedly, choosing to be in famous mountains and clean places, manifesting and setting up teaching."


The Nine Heavens Profound Girl Empress, a true celestial congenital, first appeared in the image of a mysterious bird on Kunlun Mountain. Later, he became a beautiful phoenix and landed on the Phoenix Mountain of Zamalong, which is more than 30 kilometers west of Xining, Qinghai. The Nine Heavens Profound Girl Empress is also respected by the world as the protector of heaven and earth, the god of creation, the god of fertility, the god of life, the god of good fortune, the god of wealth, and the god of child-sending. Called China's first and most outstanding female military strategist.


In "The Treasure of Chinese Taoism", the Nine Heavens Goddess is the goddess in ancient Chinese mythology, and later believed in Taoism, becoming the goddess of the gods second only to the Queen Mother of the West and the Supreme Mother of the Earth. When troubled times come to save the world, she will be stable China is stable. Now, together with Qunzhen, the immortals have repeatedly appeared in Penglai Taiwan to help the world and save the people, and to educate mortals.

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