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  Old Mother Lishan Goddess 

Lishan old mother is one of the Taoist gods in China. She is also known as "Lishan old mother", "Lishan old mother", "Lishan old mother", and "Wuji old mother". Her status is similar to that of Xi Wangmu and is revered as "Yide Xuanmiao" in Taoism. "Ci Zun", "Xuan Ling Miao Yuan Ci Zun", "Guo Ning Yi De Yuan Jun", etc., often use mystical identities to show the world when the world is transforming good and evil, to point people to the maze, teach secrets, and save suffering. Therefore, it is widely admired by the world.


"Han Shu·Lv Li Zhi" refers to the old mother Lishan as the "Lishan Girl", or Nuwa. Together with Fuxi and Shennong, she is known as the "Three Emperors" in history, and is listed as one of the ancestors of mankind. Legend has it that Lishan was transformed by the horse when the old mother refining stones to mend the sky, and the hot spring bath was born out of the belly, and the bath can cure all diseases. After the death of the old mother, people built the Nuwa Temple in Xiuling, Lishan, to commemorate her. Later generations gradually called it the old mother hall. According to the existing record of "Chuangxiu Mountain Road Stele", Lishan Laomu Palace was built in Qin Dynasty. It was rebuilt in the early Tang Dynasty and was called Laomu Temple. It is located on the top of the second peak of Xixiuling Mountain, Lishan, South Lishan, Lintong District, Xi'an. The golden body statue of the old mother Lishan is enshrined in the main hall. As one of the ancestors of mankind, the old mother Lishan is highly respected. Xu Shen said in "Shu Wen Jie Zi": "Nu Wa, the ancient sacred girl, who transforms all things." "Shan Hai Jing·Da Huang Xi Jing" said: "Nu Wa's contribution is not only to create human beings, but also to make up for it. "Heaven", "the great god of Pangu since the beginning of the world".


"Lishan Old Mother Xuanmiao Zhenjing" records: The old mother was transformed by Grandma Dou, and she was also an ancient fairy in Shangbadong. 【Supreme Secrets】Tianzun Dou is the first Yin God of the Yuan Dynasty. Because its shape symbolizes Taoism, it is also called Tianzun Xiantian Dao. [Grandma Dou Grand Sage Yuan Jun’s Life Extension Heart Sutra] Grandma Dou goes on the spiritual light to round the Great Tianbao Moon, and the slogan is Nine Spirits Tai Miao Zhongtian Brahma Fighting Grandma Yuanjun, because of bathing in the Jiuqu Hua Pond, the white jade turtle platform and the throne of the gods are gushing out , Grandma Dou ascends the throne, puts the Promise bright, transforms into the nine buds of golden lotus, should appear the Nine Emperors Dao body, is the mother of the Big Dipper, and is the three realms of the seven yuan star and the Gongzhan, so it is also called the Promise Datianzun. [Ji Xian Biography] The old mother of Lishan is beautiful and graceful. She tasted as a pavilion road in Lishan, and later turned into an old woman, who was then called her mother.


Legend has it that Lishan’s old mother spans multiple eras, has extremely powerful magic power, and has taught heroes and women in various eras, such as King Qi Xuan’s wife Zhong Wuyan (Warring States Period), Xue Dingshan’s wife Fan Lihua (Tang Dynasty), Yang Zongbao's wife Mu Guiying (Song Dynasty), Gao Junbao's wife Liu Jinding (Song Dynasty), Zhu Yingtai (Eastern Jin Dynasty), and Bai Suzhen (Song Dynasty), a thousand-year-old spirit snake, were all disciples of Lishan's old mother.


The old mother of Lishan was revered as the supreme goddess by Taoists. The old mother was an ancient female emperor with no great mercy. Every time we turn to the road, we support justice, show great power, spread the eight treasures to teach the world, "filial piety, loyalty, trustworthiness, courtesy, integrity, and shame" spread to the world, standardize people's behavior, purify people's minds, and heal people's troubles. Destroying the mind and firming up the will, the truth proves the light, the golden thread hangs down to save the soul, the selfless and fearless dedication, the maintenance of peace in all directions, the great merits, is the ancient immortal mother respected by the descendants of Yan and Huang. People are full of supreme respect for it.

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